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A Comprehensive Guide On How To Open A Safe If Your Key Is Lost

Having a safe in your house or your office is pretty much satisfying. You know that your belongings are safe in it, and no one can touch or replace them. But the problem arises when you lose the key by mistake. Imagine losing the key to a safe that shelters the most important documents or maybe a few thousand bucks in cash; even the thought of it is pretty terrifying.

The reason for losing your key might be many: it could fall off your pocket while you were in some public place, you might have misplaced it, or maybe it is still present in a corner of your room, covered in dust waiting to be retrieved.  Whatever the reason is, one thing is sure you are in trouble and need immediate help. Here, we will discuss what to do if your key to one of the most essential safes is lost or misplaced, leaving you with no other option but to apply external force on the safe and retrieve the belongings.

Nowadays, safes come in a wide range with various additional features but can be broadly divided into two categories: traditional safes which have a mechanical lock and the safes which have a Digital lock like a fingerprint gun safe, along with the mechanical lock. Safes and gun safes with digital lock do come in a lot of variety like a fingerprint gun safe, password protection, or pin lock. Misplacing the key of a digital lock will not cause any problem until you have had a tempering the system making the digital fingerprint gun safe as good as nothing. In that case, your safe having a digital lock is the same as a traditional safe having a mechanical lock.

How to open a lock without the key?

As you know, locks are never easy to open without the key.  Moreover, the lock used in the safe is pretty much tight and compact for an inexperienced person to open.  And it is precisely the reason why you trust all your valuables inside the safe. Without the key, you are like all the persons in the world from whom you have kept your items hidden in the safe, and have to follow the same procedures that an unknown breaking into your house would do to steal your belongings.

There are a few ways to open a lock without the key. But remember that your safety is worth more than a thousand bucks, and if you somehow damage the whole safe even though it is not necessary while breaking the lock, you allow your money to go down the drain. So, it better to carefully open the lock and see that if it can be replaced in place of buying a new safe, saving you a lot of your hard-earned cash.

Let us look at what we should do in case we have lost track of our keys. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to follow the steps as written one by one so that you can extract your belongings without causing excessive damage to the safe.

  • Picking the lock.

Lock picking is one of the most ancient techniques to open a lock. This method worked quite well for simple locks in the earlier days, but today locks come with a wide range of security features that make it quite tough to open the lock of a safe using a simple lock picking kit. This step is of no use in digital safes such as a fingerprint gun safe.

Picking the lock

Another essential point to note is that most of the shares in a market today are fire and water-resistant containing complicated locks that make it difficult to open without the key.  However, if your safe is an old one, you should give it a try and see if you can fetch any luck. Regardless of their age almost, every lock manufactured to date can be picked if you have the required skill and a good lock picking kit with you.

Lock picking is the safest way to open a safe without a key as it causes almost zero damage to the body, and you can easily replace the key once you open it. Remember to give it adequate time as lockpicking is not something which can be done within a minute or two, a few hours of constant hard work might not also fetch success.

It is always a fine choice to call a professional lock picker and take their help in the case, you don’t have the required time, energy, and skill to do so. Although they will demand some money and get the job done perfectly if possible, it might not be a good idea for someone who is a bit tensed about his or her privacy and security.

  • Using alternative methods.

After a failed attempt at lock picking, the second thing you must try is using alternative methods. Alternative methods are of two types safe bouncing and manipulation. Let us explore both of them in detail.

The best alternative method is using a fake key or a duplicate key made by a locksmith. If lock picking doesn’t go well, it is best to call a locksmith and prepare a new key that will help you retrieve the contents inside without doing much hassle.

fake key

Although you can use the key later, having a key made by the third person leave the valuable pieces of stuff inside it as safe as sharing a key with an unknown person. It is always recommended to replace the lock once someone makes you the duplicate key to prevent any malicious activity or loss of valuables.

If you’re not comfortable with sharing your key with someone else, then the next option you can resort to is safe bouncing. Safe bouncing is nothing but dropping your safe from a great height, from a few stories above the ground.  When a heavy safe is dropped from such a height, it sometimes raptures is the internal mechanism of the lock living it destroyed and thereby opening the door.

Safe bouncing is not a good option to pursue if you don’t want to buy a new safe as it poses a risk of destroying your safe completely, and rendering it as useful as a pile of metal. Make sure to clear the area on the ground before throwing your safe so that it might not harm or inflict injury to the passers-by. Again, this step is of no use in case such as a fingerprint gun safe.

  • Drill open the lock

After you have tried all the aforementioned steps what you need to do now is call in a safe locksmith and drill open the lock. Locksmiths have the essential tools and expertise required to do so.  Drilling a lock will damage it and also damages the surrounding area of the safe, including the contents inside, so it needs to be the last option you will try to get your belongings back.

Drill open the lock

It will be a good idea to tell the locksmiths of the important documents are valuable things you have inside the safe so that he takes the necessary precautions to prevent them from getting damaged. Well, grilling also might disrupt the condition of the safe, so make sure that the locksmith tries all the above steps before drilling. It is advised to bring a certified locksmith, or those employed by the manufacturing company so that you get covered of all the accidental damages done during drilling.

If your safe has a broken digital lock system like a fingerprint gun safe, and you have lost the key of the mechanical one, the best thing you could do in that situation is to call the manufacturer’s customer care and ask to send someone to repair that general display.

After the repair is done, and you get access to the contents inside, you can safely remove them and store them in some other place before getting the mechanical lock changed with a new set of keys. Any of the steps mentioned above are not Worth trying in this case, and it’ll be just a waste of time and money after your new mechanical lock a arrives, you are safe is as good as a new one.

Final Thoughts

As discussed by now, it is quite a difficult and time and energy-consuming job to open a lock without the key.  If by chance, your key is lost or somehow misplaced and you are in newbie in trying out the above steps, it would be a better idea to call a locksmith rather than going on your own.

As is rightly said, ” Prevention is better than cure” keep your keys in a secured place or carry with utmost importance so that after reaching your home or office you don’t need to run around looking for keys and eventually waste your money in bringing a new safe or repairing the old broken one.