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Beginner’s Guide To What To Wear On Hunt – Attire & Materials Unveiled

As per many experienced hunters, the activity, hunting includes many aspects and various factors that make any hunt a successful one. During hunting or while in the woods your attire plays a crucial role, be it to make it a successful one or to just observe other hunters out in the field. You have got to pick the most appropriate clothes for this.

Beginner's Guide To What To Wear On Hunt
Source:Fine Art America

You cannot show up in the woods or mountains in flip flops, shorts and a casual tee for hunting.

The three-layer guidelines is probably the most suitable way to have a comfortable and highly efficient hunt out in the woods. Layers play a significant role and they can prove to be effective in managing your comfort level amidst the wild zone.

One major thing to remember before entering into this is COTTON CAN NEVER BE YOUR FRIEND in the wild zone.

For a casual day chilling at home is fine, but Colton does not have a place when it comes to the wild aura and conditions of extreme.

Three factors you must keep in mind:

  • Location
  • Season
  • Type of hunt you’re getting into

These three things are important to consider as these will help you pick the most suitable attire for this fascinating activity i.e hunting.

#1 The First Layer

The first layer is the most important, this layer should fit you real nice and snuggly. It should also be made up of a material that wicks away any moisture from your body.

The market is brimming with Hi-Tech materials and most of them are pretty good, so go out and fetch something similar to this

Traditionally the major material for Hi-Tech hunting is wool, but can you bear the scratching and the itchiness that wool brings on?

#2 The Second Layer

The second layer is normally some fleece. Fleece blended with the first layers is a great fusion.

On days when it’s too warm, hunting in just two layers suffices. Fleece is lightweight, airy, and rugged enough to be your outer layer on a bright warm day. You don’t want anything too coated on a warm day as that can cause rashes on your skin and even raise the body temperature. All this will extract the comfort level and can even put your safety at risk. Heat stroke is not a joke and should never be taken lightly.

#3 The Third Layer

In all the three layers, the third layer fits the majority of hunting needs but in more extreme conditions more may be required. It’s the final layer so water and windproofing are the crucial features that this layer offers. There are many Hi-tech materials for this and it is the way to move ahead.

Most of the third layer materials are rugged, lightweight and airy. You should keep this layer in your pack as there can be times when you’ll need it.

Other Needed Essentials To Be Considered

Apart from the three-layer clothing, there are three other things that you should not forget. These are good hats, gloves, and boots. You should pick them according to the place, season and the type of hunt you’re on. Consider the season and your geographic location before picking the gloves, hats and boots.

During crossbow hunting it is essential not to have loose attire, you don’t want anything baggy or snagging when you are trying to concentrate on the game.

Final Thoughts

As we said earlier, you need to be picky with your hunting clothes. Go for the ones that suit your geographical location and the season. If you follow the aforementioned steps you’ll find a blend of comfort and security amidst the woods. It’ll also stretch the probability of you scoring the victory.