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6 Best 357 Magnum Revolver Brands Reviews- Limitations, Advantages & Specifications

Searching for the best revolver in the market? For people dealing in security and matters of self-defense, it is important to realize a handgun is your best bet in cases of emergencies. There is no better fusion of easy and portable gun than a 357 Magnum revolver. As for any shorter the smaller shotgun will work just fine, to be specific a 357 Magnum revolver. We do know that it’s not easy to pick one. With many manufacturers claiming their brand is the best, which is often the case then how will you make a choice? Therefore this article reviews some of the best 357 Magnum revolver brands that will help you find the most suitable one for yourself.

Read on as the list is long and we have mentioned the advantages, limitations and certain specifications of each one to give you a better insight.

6 Best 357 Magnum Revolver Brands

The following are the best 357 Magnum revolver brands that you can consider before making a final purchase for yourself.

#1 TAURUS 608 6.5” 357 MAGNUM

TAURUS 608 6.5” 357 MAGNUM

For those looking for a high-performance affordable gun, this TAURUS 608 6.5 is an ideal option. It is one of the best 357 Magnum revolver brands that will leave you astonished with it’s latest features.

What’s surprising is it’s cheaper than the majority of the models, it actually packs more rounds. Unlike some brands of revolvers, say for the Smith & Wesson revolvers chamber seven rounds, but this one possesses eight. Straight out of the box, you’ll get a crisp trigger that is convenient to use.

Taurus involved a couple of latest innovations in the making of this model to improve the muzzle flip. All thanks to the ported barrels which are specifically crafted for this purpose. Not just this, you’ll also appreciate that it has recoil for easier handling. Considering it weighs only 3lbs, it is light in weight. The exterior matte rubber gives all the more comfortable grip. Usually, most of the gun users working on a budget are attracted to this kind of revolver as it’s a tough performance object. With such a reasonable price, it is impressive that it provides most of the essential accessories too.

If you’re a beginner then you can consider picking this model as it offers high accuracy, that will ultimately boost your confidence regarding gun handling. Plus the price is not too much.


  • Reasonable price
  • Fires 8 rounds
  • Felt recoil
  • Adjustable rear sight


  • Matte finish is a task to clean




Looking for something stylish yet classic? Well search no more, this Smith & Wesson’s Deluxe gun is just an ideal option for anyone who is a fan of classical looks. The attractive wooden design is just beautiful and appealing at the same time that we can’t resist exaggerating about it. But it’s not just the looks that got this under the list of best 357 Magnum revolver brands, it’s the fusion of features and comfortable handling that convinced us to enroll it in the list.

The makers of Smith & Wesson took care of the comfortable handling and textured wood grip. All this is a good news for the amateurs looking for an ideal device for shooting. It’s chambered with seven rounds of 357 Magnum which clearly depicts it’s a high-performance unit.

Keeping the aesthetics and it’s functioning aside, this is a durable gun which is crafted with an intention to last. We owe it to the stainless steel that covers most of the gun with shine. The barrel length is 6 and the total length of the gun is around 11.5 which is considered to be a good size. As you’re well aware that a shorter gun is preferred especially if you’re not shooting from much distance. Usually, a major chunk of people admires this small handgun because of its compact portability. It makes it all the easier to carry around, thus it is handy and can be carried around anywhere you are intending to be.

Also let’s not forget how versatile this gun is, keeping aside its potential of protection this serves a great device for sport-shooting too.


  • Visually attractive
  • Solid looking
  • Durable and efficient
  • Easy to install


  • A bit more expensive
  • Accuracy is not promised




This one is more or less equal to the previous model in terms of looks and performance. The distinguishing factor is the shorter barrel length. Crafted with stainless steel so there is no question about its durability and the ability to last long. Although a bit compact, it’s also a high-performance unit that chambers seven rounds of ammunition.

All thanks to the textured grip once you hold this, you’ll find it convenient to handle. Coming to its compact nature, it can easily be concealed without seeking anyone’s attention thus you don’t need to worry about losing it. Apart from this, it’s actually portable that makes it super easy to carry it along anywhere you go. It weighs just 2lbs, thus we can clearly tell it’s lighter than the rest of the guns which indicates you can move with it easily. It won’t require much maintenance and is just fine to handle. Most people use this as a car-defense pistol.

The general consensus is that it is a useful weapon that can be concealed with ease. Beginners in particular will find this amazing and not at all challenging to operate. Thus we can say it is a product of one of the best 357 Magnum revolver brands available in the market.

Although, the short barrel length might compromise on the speed of ammunition but apart from that, it is effective enough to cause substantial damage when in need. For such a compact handgun, most users are astonished that it comes at the same price as the other longer ones. It can be a drawback for many, but one you see this handgun it’ll be worth the money.


  • Easy to contain
  • Convenient to operate
  • Comfortable and textured grip


  • The muzzle velocity is low
  • Not too affordable




Belonging to the popular gun family, the BlackHawk handgun is considered to be the best on the market thanks to its functionality and affordability. The first thing that’ll steal your attention is it’s solid frame, which owes you a promise of lasting longer than the rest. Since it’s a single action device, it utilizes the manual method of cocking the chamber before during a shot.

Coming to how comfortable it is to hold, you’re less likely to face troubles when using it. It’s textured grip ensures easier handling, no matter how minute your experience is. All coil spring mechanism for it’s rapid release ammunition is the best feature that defies why it’s on the list of the best 357 Magnum revolver brands.

It’s adjustable rear sights are something that demands your attention as once you see them, there’s no way you won’t find it useful. A majority of the people are impressed with the advanced version of the 357 Magnum within the Black Hawk range. While keeping up with the same quality the manufacturer of this handgun added a couple of fascinating features to enhance its performance.

The patented transfer bar ignition system with the loading gate interlock is one such example of it’s latest innovations. It specifically indicates the risk of accidentally setting off the gun is less and has been reduced. It’s rugged design makes this gun worth considering.


  • Easy to handle
  • Sturdy design
  • Durable
  • Comfortable grip
  • Solid texture


  • Only six rounds


#5 ROSSI 461 357 MAGNUM


Rossi is renowned for its reliable functioning and this 461 model is no such exception. If you prefer all to medium-sized handgun, then search no more, this belongs to the best 357 Magnum revolver brands. The small frame makes it all the more easier to handle which pays off well when stuck in a compromising situation. As you search more you’ll find these revolvers are available in various lengths but this one offers a very short barrel. The contoured finger grooves permit you to grip the device firmly allowing maximum shooting convenience.

Though it is compact, it is actually quite strong. The forged steel confirms the durability factor. Just like the Black Hawk, the chambers have only six rounds and it is considered as a high-performance device. The handgun is 6.5 in length and its barrel length is 2, which makes it the smallest gun in the list. Therefore, it is ideally suited for beginners or those new at handling guns as it’s less complicated to use than other bigger handguns. With a weight that merely touches 2lbs, it is evident that it’s light in weight which ultimately makes it easy to carry anywhere. For this type of compact barrel length, you really can’t expect much from the velocity. The bullet won’t tracker at the highest of speeds though no doubt it’s effective enough to cause the demanded damage.

If the quality of the product matters to you then this one is just the right purchase. It also helps that it’s the cheapest of the rest models mentioned in the list.


  • Powerful unit
  • Compact in size
  • Pretty lightweight and easy to handle
  • Affordable


  • Low muzzle velocity.


#6 RUGER SP-101


This is yet another revolver with an exceptionally short barrel but it’s worth your time and money both. It looks quite stubby but does not think that it’s any less powerful than the rest of the handguns. The bonus is obviously that it can be concealed easily in a bag, all thanks to its compact design.

It only handles a capacity for five found which is exceptional than the rest of the best 357 Magnum revolver brands in the list. No doubt, this would make it even lighter in your bag which is also an advantage worth mentioning. Always remember that for sport-shooting or even in terms of self-defense you might need to practice loading it in less time. Take note of the fact that it is a double-action-only, so before purchasing it make sure it is your preferred shooting method. The quality dragon has no side plates that could make it any less sturdy. Having said that, the stainless steel frame makes it too durable that you can use it for years to come without any complaints.

Talking about the weight, it’s quite manageable as it is 1.57lbs. It’s lighter than the rest in the list, which adds the feature of portability. The synthetic grips which you’ll either love or hate as it depends person to person. It’s all about what you prefer for your skin when you’re trying to concentrate. It’s stainless steel design is nothing less than a perk especially in humid conditions or on any rainy day. There are minute chances of its malfunctioning due to moisture, compared to other guns that incorporate blued steel.

It’s a long-term investment and highly durable. The short barrel makes it all the more portable, enabling you to carry it anywhere you wish to go.


  • Compact design and easy to install
  • Durable texture
  • Grip is comfortable
  • Won’t disappoint you even if there’s moisture or humidity
  • No special tools needed for maintenance


  • Extremely short muzzle (not all gun owners prefer this)
  • Only takes five bullets


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Why a Magnum revolver?

Most of you must be wondering why a Magnum revolver above all other revolvers? Well here are the reason why you should go to Magnum revolver:

1 Comfortable to handle

This is too convenient and comfortable to handle, in any dangerous situation, this is the best resort as it offers an amazing grip. And what’s better than picking a gun that offers a comfortable grip?

2 Easy to install

In cases of emergency, there’s no time for you to fumble around with a gun as you prepare yourself for the shoot. A weapon that’s easy to use will pin the difference between life and death. Specifically the beginners will appreciate this device as it’s comparatively easier to operate.

3 Can be accessed without any hassle

It might take you years to find certain brands because of their exclusive features and your requirements. Fortunately, that’s not the case with Magnum revolvers as they are readily accessible.

4 Affordable for the majority

Getting ammunition to guard your safety doesn’t necessarily need to cost you a fortune. This brand is easily available and quite affordable when compared to the rest.

5 Compact & light in weight

There can be chances that you’ll be carrying this gun everywhere you go. For that and for many other reasons, it’s a feasible idea to consider this brand which is both compact and portable to use. You can contain this in your suitcase or bag without facing any issues

6 Versatile

Who doesn’t appreciate a product that gives value for your money? The Magnum revolvers can be used for many purposes like target shooting, sport-shooting and even for hunting.

Q.2 What to look for while picking a revolver?

It’s not that easy to decide the best revolver before you make that final purchase make sure to check these following:

  • Penetration Depth: just how deep will the bullet go when you pull the trigger? You must point out that this depends on the length of the barrel.
  • Barrel diameter: simply put, the size of the barrel will reveal how good your performance was. Usually, anything less than 30° isn’t ideal as it won’t spill much damage.
  • Muzzle velocity: the average muzzle velocity of any Magnum revolver is 1050FPS. If you are foggy about this then take our word it’s a good number which tells it travels considerably fast before reaching the target.
  • Barrel length: barrel length helps in determining the speed at which the bullet will travel. You should go for a gun that has a longer barrel.
  • Material: the material determines the longevity of the device. Spending some money won’t always ensure a gun with the strongest material. Generally, guns manufactured with stainless steel are preferred as they’re crafted with an intention to last.
  • The number of rounds available in the ammunition: the revolvers are crafted to chamber different rounds. By paying some extra amount you’ll get a revolver that fires more rounds of ammunition. Although this is a matter of individual preference, we’d say if you can’t stretch your budget then use the given rounds wisely.

Q.3 Why is double-action crucial?

Double action is naturally a faster method and it comes in handy whenever there’s an emergency. Generally a single action takes longer to get the gun ready for the shoot. An easy alternative is to find a revolver that switches between both single and double actions.


In a world full of crimes and abrupt killings, the concern of personal security and self-defense should never be sidelined. One needs to be prepared with some sort of plan of action. Although we hope you never get to use it, we can’t promise that a life-threatening situation can never knock in your life. So the best option is to be prepared for the worst. For that, you need to carry a high-performance gun that’s effective and promising enough. The aforementioned list of the best 357 Magnum revolver brands is all ideal for you, pick the one that suits you the most.