Best Concealed Carry Revolvers Review

Top 5 Best Concealed Carry Revolvers in 2021 – Buyer’s Guide!

In today’s world, the importance of concealed carry revolvers is seeing a slow but steady gain in popularity. Concealed carry revolvers are nothing but firearms, especially for many people who prefer less invasive and less intense gun experiences to get out of any hostile situation. Concealed carry revolvers are the smallest of firearms available in the market that you can buy and get the perfect shot if needed against any foreign invasions. The concealed firearms are best used for situations of self-defense, where you need to tackle an enemy of yours who has the potential to cause damage to you and your belongings. No one wants to get himself or herself in those lengthy legal proceedings, and most people purchase these guns with the intention and hope of never actually having to use them.

Best Concealed Carry Revolvers

While many guns are never used in their lifetime and are only reserved for extremely critical situations, some do come to use, which might turn out to be a life-saving tool sometimes. Also, a concealed carry revolver will boost your confidence to a much higher level as you know only the sight of a revolver in your hand is enough to scare the enemy standing in front of you. They are incredibly compact and hence are known as concealed. These concealed handguns are ideal for almost any individual in a hostile situation. The only thing you need to be equipped with is the most basic hand-eye coordination skills that will help you make a perfect shot. They are also easy and quick to load, easy to shoot, and extremely easy to hide in concealed places, to keep them out of sight of the general public and carry it with you. Also, keep in mind that the concealed handguns are not the kind of gun you’ll take hunting or out into the field for recreational use, like target practicing or hunting out in the wild. They are best to be used for emergency scenarios where the safety of the owner is at risk along with his or her belongings. Since these guns are easy to load and fire, there are many benefits of having one with you in case of an emergency.

Whenever you are carrying it with you, be sure to carry its extreme care and following all the safety precautions. A single misfire will lend you in deep trouble, and wind you up in extremely complicated and lengthy legal procedures. These guns are ideal to be stored and carried in those situations as they are very hard to spot when properly concealed. We would recommend you buy a concealed carry revolver in case you want to feel safer out there on the roads or when you are visiting an unknown or isolated place. They might be somewhat costly, but they are reasonable enough to spend on because the value of your life is much greater than the cost of a concealed carry revolver. Now let us go through the things to look for before buying a concealed carry revolver.

Things to look for before buying a concealed carry revolver

When you are investing in such a life-saving tool, you have to be more careful while making your decision. Keep in mind, if you land in some hostile situation where your life and your belongings are at risk, this is the things that will pull you out of the ditch. A barrel and a mechanism that shoots bullets for a few times until it eventually breaks down is never an option to rely on. You need to hold the best possible option in your hands, rather than a cheap one just for the sake. So, let us look at the most important points you should look after before buying a concealed carry revolver.

Make yourself known of the reason you want to buy a carry revolver

Ask yourself, why do you need a revolver?

If the answer is either for recreational or hunting purposes then a concealed carry revolver is not at all the right firearm for you to choose from. Either go for a shotgun or a hunting rifle, but never a concealed carry revolver. If the answer is for self-defense, congratulations, you will be making the right decision after buying a concealed carry revolver. As we mentioned earlier, we recommend these carry guns only to individuals who need help with self-defense or additional safety in the home. They are appropriate to keep in the safe or in your bedside drawer for easy, fast access in case an intruder tries to enter your private space.

Size and Comfort

A majority of the concealed carry revolvers are designed to adjust in a small space as it is more of a compact nature. But some size specifications should be considered before buying the concealed carry revolver as it will help you hold the gun comfortably, and thus important to consider the right size for your holding ability. Whenever you are using a gun it is extremely important to be fully comfortable with the grip so that you are confident to have a perfect shot. All you need to do while holding a concealed carry revolver is to feel comfortable, not nervous or uncertain in any form, either because it is too heavy or uncomfortable. The more you are comfortable, the more confident you will be and hence would be more probable to deliver a perfect shot. Different brands of concealed carry revolvers in the market will have slight differences in terms of size, shape, and weight. That puts you in front of a wide range of options to choose from, depending on your shape and size of your hand.

Magazine Capacity

The concealed carry revolvers are reserved for situations where self-defense is extremely required, and it doesn’t require a score of bullets to bring the attacker on his or her knees. Thus, the concealed carry revolvers don’t have to have a large magazine capacity even a few would do the job.

However, it is a topic of complete personal intervention. If you feel that you would be more comfortable with a concealed carry revolver with extensive magazine capabilities then you can look out for this criterion when shopping for your firearm. In some situations, you may need to reload the gun, either because of bad aim or multiple attackers. In this case, it would be preferable to have a magazine with a larger capacity so that you do not end up losing a few precious seconds to load your gun. Whatever you need, be sure to address the requirement while you are buying a concealed carry revolver.

Design of the revolver

In general, the design of a concealed carry revolver is quite compact so that it can be stored easily and carried quite comfortably while keeping it hidden. The concealed carry revolvers also allow the scope for customizations as required and opted for by the owner. That little revolver is something that you will carry with you always, and people want it to have a personal touch to it. Most of the companies are not ignorant of the fact and thus offer customization options to the customers at an added cost. Thus you will be able to select from a range of exteriors including the ever-classic varnished wood finish or, for those who prefer things a bit flashier, a marble inset handle. Even if you don’t want to customize it form the manufacturer because of the higher cost, you have other options too. There are many companies out there who specialize in concealed carry revolver customization. They will do the same job for with but might be in a slightly lower price tag, and thus you have a gun that matches your taste and can become a symbol of your style statement too.


The market for the concealed carry revolvers is quite large, and hence you can find concealed carry revolvers in a wide price range. But when looking to invest in one of these life-saving devices, consider your available budget and pick a gun that falls into this bracket. Concealed carry revolvers sometimes do come in a wide range of functionalities that also push their price up. But for the simple purpose of life-saving, you don’t need to have so many options. A machine that ejects bullets at pace is just enough. However, one thing to keep in mind is that to buy quality material you need to spend more bucks than the average. As said earlier don’t hesitate to go for the best one in your budget, even though if you need to cut some expenses from other daily needs, because it is a one-time investment.

With enough being said, now let us move straight to the recommendations and see what we have in store for us. We hope that you will find the best one that suits you the most, both in terms of quality and budget.

Best Concealed Carry Revolvers 2021 – Detailed Review!

#1 – Taurus Raging Bull

Taurus Raging Bull

The Taurus Raging Bull is the first concealed carry revolvers in our list of the best-concealed carry revolvers available in the market that you can buy. The cartridge is .44 magnum and has an incredible performance record in self-defense situations. The Taurus Raging Bull can hold a maximum of six rounds depending on your cartridge preference and is also exceptionally lightweight and compact. The most important features of the Taurus Raging Bull are that it is made from high-quality stainless steel, features a transfer bar for safety, has a right-angle groove turn, and weighs only 53 ounces.

The Taurus Raging Bull has a barrel length of 8.735 inches while the body measures approximately 14 inches in total. It has a matte stainless finish and is equipped with a fixed magazine of cylindrical type. However, it is quite expensive that might rule out many prospective customers from the list. Also, it requires quality cartridges to prevent accidental misfiring that might lead to massive damage, both of life and property.


  • The Taurus Raging Bull comes with an unlimited lifetime repair policy.
  • It is also exceptionally lightweight and compact.
  • It is made from quality materials for optimized longevity.


  • Expensive
  • It requires quality cartridges to prevent misfiring.


#2 – Ruger SP101 Spurless

Ruger SP101 Spurless

The Ruger SP101 Spurless is the second concealed carry revolvers in our list of the best concealed carry revolvers available in the market that you can buy. It has quite a compact look and uses a 0.357 magnum cartridge. The Ruger SP101 Spurless has features such as five rounds of maximum magazine capacity, rubberized grips for inexperienced shooters, and availability of optional spurs.

The firearm weighs 25 ounces and is exceptionally lightweight so that it can be easily carried from one place to another. Overall, it is a high performing concealed carry revolver that comes at an affordable price and provides the best value for money product in the form of the Ruger SP101 Spurless. This gun is also quite durable,e and you will get years of performance out of a single investment.

Also, it is easily concealed and will give you confidence in terms of hold as it has rubberized grips. It is recommended for those who want a compact and affordable concealed carry revolver that will deliver efficient shots when required.


  • It provides value for money and is exceptionally lightweight.
  • Has a great body design and comes with the front sight


  • This revolver has a lower magazine capacity than the usual.
  • The barrel can be difficult to clean and might take a lot of time to clean it properly after you are done with shooting for the day.


#3 – Smith and Wesson Model 642

Smith and Wesson Model 642

The Smith and Wesson Model 642 weighs only 14 ounces. If there is a list of the lightest concealed carry revolvers available in the market, the Smith and Wesson Model 642 would surely take one of the top spots. This concealed carry revolver is the third concealed carry revolver in our list of the best concealed carry revolvers available in the market that you can buy. The design of the Smith and Wesson Model 642 is also of a classic nature that you would have possibly seen in old Hollywood movies.

The shrouded hammer added to the revolver prevents the revolver from digging into any surface it’s placed next to, and this helps when carrying it on your person. The Smith and Wesson Model 642 has a barrel length of 1.8 inches, and you might need to waste some bullets on a target to be comfortable with it. Some features of the firearm that is worth noting are it is suitable for +P ammo, has a shrouded hammer, and is extremely lightweight. Overall, the Smith and Wesson Model 642 is quite accurate and delivers accurate shots each time, once you are comfortable with it, and is recommended for someone who is in the need of a concealed carry revolver that is accurate and lightweight.


  • It has a consistent performance even after long periods of use.
  • It has a slightly longer barrel and is incredibly lightweight.
  • Ruger Light Combat Revolver .38 Special


  • Requires you to be comfortable with it.


#4 – Ruger Light Combat Revolver .38 Special

Ruger Light Combat Revolver .38 Special

The Ruger Light Combat Revolver .38 Special is the fourth concealed carry revolver in our list of the best concealed carry revolvers available in the market that you can buy. It is also lightweight and weighs only 13 ounces, and will surely bag the top spot in the list of the lightest concealed carry revolver, as we have mentioned above.  The Ruger Light Combat Revolver .38 Special also has a classic look. It is very small and has a compact design that weighs very little. Some features added to the Ruger Light Combat Revolver .38 Special are a highly fluted stainless-steel cylinder, a barrel that measures 0.87 inches, and has an aluminum frame.

Regardless of the size, this is a great revolver for self-defense and works extremely well when combined with a good set of ammo. It is a double-action gun and has a friction-reducing cam system that makes the revolver extremely easy to shoot. The revolver comes with a Hogue Tamer Monogrip already fitted by the manufacturer so that you don’t need further customizations.


  • It is customizable around the grip and has an attractive design.
  • It is affordable and is accessible to all prospective customers.


  • It requires +P ammo for optimized performance.
  • Like the previous one, this gun does need a few practice sessions to get used to it.


#5 – Kimber K6S

Kimber K6S

The Kimber K6S is the fifth and the last concealed carry revolver in our list of the best concealed carry revolvers available in the market that you can buy. The Kimber K6S rolls out from the house of Kimber, a company known for the production of compact pistols and revolvers. The Kimber K6S features is an incredibly short cylinder that measures 1.39 inches in total, a match-grade trigger, a shrouded hammer. The Kimber K6S has excellent ergonomics when it comes to the manufacturing of its grip so that the shooter has incredible control over the gun.

The magazine holds six rounds, which are quite good if you look at the dimensions of the firearm. It weighs around 23 ounces and is a great, affordable gun for a newbie looking for a useful revolver for self-defense. However, you might need to take this revolver out into a practice range for some practice before you become comfortable enough to hold it and carry the Kimber K6S with you.


  • It has a lot of features for such a small-sized revolver and is very much affordable.
  • It is easy to use without much practice.
  • It might be the most compact gun to feature a 6-round magazine, considering its size.


  • It has a very short barrel and thus tends to recoil.
  • It is also heavy as compared to most of our recommendations.



With this, we have now reached the end of the article about the best concealed carry revolvers that you can buy and should consider spending your money on. Remember that once you hold a revolver in your hands while you are out there, your responsibilities increase by many folds. The safety and well-being of all the lives around you is something you should keep at the top of your priority list. It is always advised to take safety precautions and follow all the norms by the book so that you are saved from any potential harm to you or anyone in your surroundings. With all this information with your side, you are now good to go and purchase a brand-new concealed carry revolver to ensure personal safety whenever you are going out of your house

At last, don’t rush after a lot of features. Choose the one that you are are most comfortable with, not the one that looks that best or has the most features. Because when you are stuck in an uncomfortable situation, the beauty, looks, or features won’t help. It is the utility that will come to use that will pull you out of it.  Keep in mind that a comfortable grip enhances the aim of your shot, so be careful with that too.

Happy shopping!