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Top 6 Best Machetes Reviewed | Survival and Tactical Machetes

Machetes are useful for kinds of activities such as hunting, gardening, cutting bushes, and many more. Like other products, machetes also come in different sizes, materials, styles, and a wide range of price tags to fit the particular purpose you want it. But which one to choose, and which are the best machetes available in the market? In this article, we will find out.

Best Machetes

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So, without wasting more time, let us jumps straight into the recommendations.

Top 6 Best Machetes Reviews in 2021

#1 – SOG SOGfari 18 inches Machete

SOG SOGfari 18 inches Machete

The SOG SOGfari 18 inches Machete is the first machete available in the market in our list of the best machetes reviews that you can buy. The machete has a sleek and sturdy build and comes in an exquisite well-balanced design. The SOG SOGfari 18 inches Machete is made up of a robust high carbon steel material to make it durable and lightweight. Since they are lightweight and is easily maneuverable, cutting and sawing trees, for example, becomes less stressful. The blade measures 18 inches in length and has a straight cutting edge and a saw back that provide you two surfaces in one single machete for better utility.

The double edge blade made up of 3CR13 stainless steel comes sharpened when you purchase the tool, in other words, they come sharp out of the box and doesn’t require you to spend time and energy on sharpening the blade. This machete is well built and is very useful for stressful tasks you wish to perform. This machete comes with 6 inches well-balanced and contoured Kraton rubber handle and does not slip off while working, giving you the best grip possible. Also, the handle is very light and is thus effective in doing stressful works with ease. Need to work during wet seasons? Well, the SOG SOGfari 18 inches Machete has got you covered. Also, the rubber handle includes some holes for adding lanyards, again making movements and grip as efficient as possible.

To protect the machete, the manufacturer has also added a sturdy nylon sheath with a belt loop attachment inside the packaging, which is very useful if you are walking a long distance out there in the wild. The sheath prevents the machete from rust and corrosion on one hand while also makes it easy to carry the machete from one place to the other.

Overall, the SOG SOGfari 18 inches Machete is quite a good buy and has wonderful features such as nylon sheath with a belt loop attachment, double-edged blade, Kraton rubber handle, high carbon steel blade and is also rust and corrosion-resistant.


#2 – Condor Golok Machete

Condor Golok Machete

Condor Golok machete is the second machete available in the market in our list of the best machetes reviews that you can buy. It is indeed one of the best machetes you can get in the market. The Condor Golok Machete has a 14 inches blade and is made of 1075 high carbon stainless steel tang for durability. It looks like a classic machete from the old times and is equipped with advanced features bearing a hard build.

If you need a portable machete either to use it in the wild like clearing bushes, cutting down branches, bamboo, thick vegetation, or to use in other things such as gardening, you will find this machete very useful and quite handy. The machete has an aesthetic look and comes with an epoxy black powder coat blade finish that is quite effective to resists rust and corrosion for a long time and thereby reducing the need to change the machete frequently. The Condor Golok Machete has a walnut handle that provides a warm and comfortable feeling while working. As an added benefit, the walnut handle of this product suits that purpose by sitting in your grip perfectly and thereby not allowing the machete to slip off your hand. The Condor Golok Machete blade can combine the function of a chopping axe, and a slicing machete with ease because of its sleek design.

The machete weighs approximately 7 ounces, and it comes in two colors: brown or black color, giving options to the customers so that they can choose any color that suits them the most. The Condor Golok Machete quality product features a 100 percent high-quality leather sheath for safe storage and a belt loop. Long story short, the Condor Golok Machete is quite durable, has curved and comfortable hardwood beautiful walnut handle, is rust-resistant and has a high-quality durable leather sheath with a belt loop for easy and efficient carrying.

However, as a disadvantage, the Condor Golok Machete is quite expensive, which might rule out many prospective buyers from spending their limited amount of cash.


#3 – Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete

Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete

Even if you have a little insight into the world of knives and machetes, you must have heard about the company named Gerber at least once in your life. Gerber has made its name in the sector and has established a massive presence. Every product rolling out of its factory is worth its price in terms of quality and usability. And so is the Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete. The Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete is the third machete available in the market in our list of the best machetes reviews that you can buy. In short, the machete is a modern version of the traditional jungle tribesmen’s machete.

And is it is designed based on a traditional weapon; you can imagine the utilities that it possesses. The Gerber Bear Grylls machete is a quality machete and can be used to do a variety of works. If you are looking for a quality machete for outdoor activities like clearing bushes, cutting firewood, and camping, this is a perfect pick for you. Also, if you are into gardening, this is a product you would not regret spending your money on. The Gerber Bear Grylls is a functional machete that has a 13.5 inches long high carbon steel heavy blade. The machete is quite easy to sharpen and is corrosion-resistant. The Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete has a full tang construction that boosts durability in addition to the high carbon steel blade, which enhances strength, corrosion resistance, and easy to sharpen while the ergonomic textured rubber grip maximizes control in any condition.

It does not let the machete slip off in any situation. The Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete features a military-grade nylon sheath that is lightweight and mildew resistant. As an inclusion to the packaging, the Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete has land to air rescue instructions, SOS, and Priorities of Survival – a pocket guide containing Bear’s survival essentials. Well, they are enough to make you a survivor out there in the wild, until help arrives, of course. However, the nylon sheath of this machete is not of the best quality available in the market and always poses a risk of cutting through the stitches over time.

In short, the Gerber Bear Grylls Parang Machete has a high carbon steel blade with a rubberized handle, and an included nylon sheath that protects the hard full tang machete. A major thumbs-up because of the included survival guide and its affordable price that makes it convenient for everyone in this filed to spend on.


#4 – Gerber Gator Machete

Gerber Gator Machete

Here comes the second Gerber in our list of the best machetes reviews. The Gerber Gator Machete is the fourth machete in our list of the best machete reviews and is again a quality product with unique features that can make your work efficient and fast. Like the previous one, this Gerber also stands for its name and features an attractive design, and it is also quite cheaper compared to other top machetes in the market with the same build and utility, thereby saving a lot of your hard-earned cash.

A unique feature of the Gerber Gator Machete that distinguishes it from the other machetes in the same price range is that it comes with both a saw and blade edge that provides a multi-purpose use and a large cutting area, all packed in a single unit. And thus, the Gerber Gator Machete can work as a saw for chopping and as a blade for cutting at the same time. Just switch to whichever edge you require for the task you are about to perform, and you are good to go. The saw edge is 18 inches in length, whereas the fine edge measures 15 inches. However, both the two well-sharpened steel blade edges are of great quality, and thus can be used without giving it a second thought, allowing you to perform tasks such as clearing of bushes and grasses, trimming of trees or skinning of animals can be done as conveniently as possible.

The handle of the Gerber Gator Machete is made of ergonomic rubber, which provides a better grip and more flexibility when used. This rubber handle also gives you better control of the tool when you are using it, even in the rain, so that it might not slip off your hands. The ergonomic rubber handle, in total, provides greater security and confidence to be carried and used in a harsh environment. It also comes with a perfect fitted all-weather nylon sheath that enables the carrying of the machete from one place to the other, an easy and smooth process. The sheath is of good quality, and you don’t need to worry about wear and tears in it.

Long story short, the Gerber Gator Machete with its high carbon steel, rubberized handle, and nylon sheath is a perfect buy and is suitable for all kinds of campers and hunters. A massive advantage of this machete is the affordable price tag with which it comes that enables most of the prospective customers to give it a try. However, it is quite heavy and might cause problems if you are accustomed to using a light machete for a long time.


#5 – Tramontina Machete

Tramontina Machete

The Tramontina Machete is the fifth machete in our list of the best machetes available in the market on our list that you can buy. It is quite a big machete and looks classy, both the blade and the handle. The Tramontina Machete features an 18 inches high carbon stainless steel blade with a traditional machete curve at the front, which portrays how long the whole machete is. The Tramontina Machete blade is very sharp and is extremely easy to wield. The overall length of the machete is 23 inches that make sit one of the longest in the market.

But still, the machete is lightweight and well balanced, proving the best utility even during the rainy seasons. Like other classic machetes, this one also features a wooden handle that makes it easy to use. If you have used other machetes, with rubber or polymer handles that have shattered or spoiled over time, this product can be a perfect replacement for you with a better experience.  The Tramontina Machete features a lovely designed handle, with four pins that fix it to the blade, giving you extra security and long life to the machete. The blade is quite easy to sharpen and thus will cause no problem in maintenance and sharpening, taking as little time as possible.

However, one of the downsides of the machete is that it does not come with a leather sheath that can be used for storage and to prevent rust, thus you need to spend your money to buy an extremely necessary sheath. Although it comes with a nylon sheath from the manufacturer that covers the blade when you purchase it, still, it is not the type of sheath that you would like to trust on with your machete.

The nylon sheath is useless and can be discarded off after you open the packaging. Overall, the Tramontina Machete, made up of high carbon steel and has a wooden handle is quite good, in terms of quality and utility and can be bought if you tend classic looking machetes.  The Tramontina Machete is rust and corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and well balanced, durable, and has a full tang construction to boost the durability of the machete.


#6 – Ontario Knife Company 6144 Military Machete

Ontario Knife Company 6144 Military Machete

We don’t think anyone is reading this article who have heard nothing about the company called Ontario The Ontario Knife Company 6144 Military Machete comes from the house of the Ontario Knife Company, a 125-year-old manufacturer and a significant supplier to the US Armed Forces. The sixth rank holder in the list of best machete review is a black military-grade machete and is one of the best machetes available out there. The overall length of this machete is 24 inches.

The Ontario Knife Company 6144 Military Machete features a sharp carbon stainless steel blade that measures 18 inches and is hardened to 50-55HRC. The handle is made of a molded and riveted plastic, which makes the machete more durable and comfortable to use. Together with the blade and the handle, the machete makes the process of bush clearing and trimming of trees in the yard an easy and efficient process. The Ontario Knife Company 6144 Military Machete has a sleek design. It is not something that will give you an awesome look, but it guarantees quality performance.

This machete is capable of withstanding harsh environments and treatment, thus suitable to be used in harsh weather conditions and rough terrain without causing any harm to the body of the machete. The rugged nature of this machete is one of the prime reasons why it is referred to as a military-grade machete to be used in extreme conditions. In short, the machete is an attractive black beauty with a beast hidden inside it in terms of power and utility. Overall, it is a good choice if you need a machete that can be useful on the farm and can as well serve as a survivor tool.

As a massive disadvantage, the sheath is not shipped by the manufacturer along with the machete, and you need to spend some extra money to buy one. Also, it might turn to a machete having a slippery handle in wet conditions and thus is not idle to be used in the rainy seasons.


Buying Guide: What you need to consider before buying a machete

Not every machete will meet your need, nor every machete is perfect for you. Before buying a machete, you need to keep a few things in mind so that you can get what suits you the best, and refrain from spending the exact, nothing more, nothing less. Some important factors are essential to be kept in mind and will guide you in your decision-making process. As always, what you need to do is precisely the reason for which you want to buy a particular machete. Let us go through some of the key points to be kept in mind while buying a machete.

Blade Style

The style of the blade is an important factor to note in the purchase of a machete. There are different blade styles available in the market. Some of the common blade styles are bush, kukri, cane, parang, billhooks, and bolo machete, and the blade you need to choose depends on the purpose, experience, and personal style. However, we will recommend you to use the bush machete as they are multi-purpose machete that is good for green vegetation and it can be used as a utility tool whenever required.

Machete Blade Length

The length of most of the blades of machetes ranges from 10 inches to 28 inches maximum. However, a blade length of 18 inches is the most common in the market. Machetes with smaller blades are quite portable but less effective. Thus, it may require more time and energy to perform the intended job. On the other hand, long blades make the work faster but might b troublesome to carry and store.


The tang is another feature that should be considered while buying a machete of your choice. But what is the tang? It is nothing but the part of the machete that connects the blade and the handle by extending into the grip. We will recommend you to choose a machete with a full tang blade because the full tang machetes are more durable than the rest of the machetes.


Wooden handle machetes are always strong and easy to grip, but it also possesses the tendency to crack when heavily exposed to liquid or large pressure. On the other hand, polymer handle machetes are relatively cheaper and require less maintenance. But the polymer handles may not be effective during wet seasons or conditions, as it tends to slip away during use. What handles you should buy completely depends on your preferences and the climatic conditions you will use the machete. Decide wisely as it will affect the overall utility of the machete.


This marks the end of our list of the best machetes available in the market that you can buy. As you have known by now, machetes play an important role in homes and camping or hunting sites. Like always, be sure of why you need to buy a machete. When you have the answer, congratulations, you have the features to look in the machetes, and thus you get what you need; nothing more, nothing less.