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 The Best 6 M&P Shield Night Sight Reviews- Here’s Everything You Need To Know 

According to experienced shooters night sights can be a great addition to your M&P shield, especially if you use it as a home-defense handgun. These night sights generally permit you to shoot in all conditions of light whether bright, low or dark, and they are very effective.

Having said that, did you know tritium night light can produce sufficient light that will help aim better even in complete dark mode? Well you know now, read on to know some other fascinating points about the best M&P Shield Night Sights. We hope that this article will help you to make an informed decision as you intend to pick one.

Here we present the top 6 night sights currently available in the market. Additionally, we will also tell you how to pick the night sights and what all features must be considered while picking the best and the most suitable night sight for yourself. So read on!

6 M&P Shield Night Sights 2021 Reviews

Read on to grab a better insight about M&P Shield Night Sights, here are some amazing options to take into consideration.



Meprolight Smith & Wesson Tru-Dot Night Sight for M&P 9/40 & 9C/40 full size & compact. Fixed set the Meprolight night sight helps in replacing your regular iron sights. It comes with a 12-year illumination warranty. These night suits are crafted by using tritium gas to remain bright in low-light conditions, and they don’t require batteries to work.

One of the major benefits of using this M&P Shield Night Sight is that they’re light in weight and they won’t interfere with your handgun’s regular balance. The Meprolight front sight possesses the exact height of the standard iron sights, so you don’t need to worry about adjusting it before aiming it on your game.

The sights are fairly easy to operate, and they will fit the Shield without any hassle. These perform really well in low-light conditions, but they Excel when you use them in utter darkness. The rear sight is large and highly stable that allows one-handed racking.

All in all, the Meprolight night sights are amazing and too effective. They come at a decent range which is always the best thing.


  • Decent range
  • Effective
  • Easy to install
  • Operation is smooth
  • Perform well in low-light


  • Bulky




The Truglo sight set offers amazing visibility in both brights and low-light situations. These sights possess a compact look that makes them fit in most standard holsters, and they are made with high-quality tritium. This helps in keeping it bright when you’re aiming in the dark.

The best thing about one of the amazing M&P Shield Night Sights is that it’s made out of machined steel. The steel will not just offer durability but it will also make it more reliable as time goes by.

This sights’ tritium fiber is concealed so your aim won’t be able to notice your handgun in the dark while you’re trying to aim. The tritium used for these sights has great quality, and it will remain clear and bright for a longer duration.

This sight set is spacious enough to make target acquisition convenient, but it’s small enough to avoid the unwanted attention of the people around.

Overall, this sight set can prove to be an amazing addition to your M&P Shield.


  • Spacious
  • Machined steel
  • High-quality tritium
  • Can aim better in dark
  • Can remain clear & bright for a longer time span


  • Less reliable


#3. XS Sight Systems – M&P Shield

XS Sight Systems - M&P Shield

The XS Sight Systems tritium sights for the M&P Shield are not only great for beginners but are an ideal option for experienced shooters too. The front sight is large, larger than the stock front sight, and all that makes the target acquisition quicker and trouble-free. The front sight uses a white right which is environed by green tritium which in all facilitates the shooting in all the conditions of light.

One of the advantages of using M&P Shield Night Sights is that they have around design that won’t snag or won’t even interfere with your draw.

The low profile design will also allow the sights to fit in all kinds of holsters without any setbacks. Its rear sight feature is a shallow V design and a white vertical stripe that will help in acquiring your game. Though the white stripe does not contain any amount of tritium but it will reflect the light. This will assist you to aim in conditions of low-light.

The sights are all made out of blued steel, so they are highly reliable and durable at the same time. In addition to that, they are easy to install and you won’t face any trouble in installing them. The best part is you don’t need a gunsmith to guide you for it’s installation.

So in all, these sights are great and they come at a decent price. These are worth spending your money.


  • Highly reliable
  • Durable
  • Can aim in low-light
  • Suitable for both beginners as well as experienced shooters


  • Less satisfying




This Truglo sight uses a fiber-optic technology to function well in conditions of low-light. The sights are all made with machined steel that offers ultimate durability. Because of the machined steel, these tend to last longer than the usual ones.

A noticeable feature about this M&P Shield Night Sights is that it possesses a snag-resistant look which will not cause any problems with your draw. The sights’ low profile will permit you to draw without any hindrance and it will also permit you to use regular holsters for your M&P Shield.

Another best thing is that the optic fiber is concealed from the aim, therefore it won’t be able to spot your location as you try to concentrate on the target. The rear and front sight appear to be color contrasting that will facilitate your target acquisition. The contrasting colors won’t just stand out better while you’re trying to aim but they will also be more visible in conditions of low-light.

All in all, these sights are amazing and they come at a very affordable price.


  • Concealed from the aim
  • Machined steel
  • Amazing durability
  • Can use regular holsters
  • Affordable


  • Less worthy




Yellow Front Outline Trijicon is one of the most popular and world-renowned sights and optics manufacturers. Their products are durable, reliable and extra efficient. As anyone would expect, these M&P Shield Night Sights are a perfect fit for the pattern.

The sight offers a high colored front sight and a subdued rear sight which is a plus factor for many. The front sight uses photoluminescent paint that will help you acquire your target and aim better in conditions of low-light. Its rear sight is angled in such a way that will reduce the glare, and it comes with two painted rings that will help you out in an extra amount of focus on the front sight.

The reward sight possesses a U-notch design, specifically intended to enhance the front sight. The three-dot design will help you acquire your target with ease and its tritium-brimmed lamps will permit you to aim during the conditions of low-light. It will even work in full darkness mode. The color of the rear lamps is different from the front lamp, it is intended to help you acquire your target with ease. That will also help you to get the target rapidly.

Overall, this one is typically one of the best night sights available at present and it comes at an amazing price.


  • Aims better in low-light
  • U-notch design
  • Extra focus
  • Three-dot design to acquire the target with ease
  • Renowned
  • Extra efficient


  • Not recommended for beginners




The Ameriglo Tritium sight set offers an amazing design that will allow you to win your teachers in conditions of darkness and low-light. The rear sight has a U-notch design and a tritium lamp that you can use to aim in all varying conditions of light. Specifically, when you’re aiming in low-light conditions or during dark mode, you can simply align the rear and front tritium lamps to acquire your target. One of the benefits of using this M&P Shield Night Sights is that it comes with high-quality tritium lamps.

The lamps will provide good illumination for a long period of time, and you can use the sight set for years without bothering about any issue. The front lamp is surrounded by a reflective ring, so it will be very visible in all types of light conditions. Even in the midday sun, they work just fine. It’s orange paint stands out easily, which intends to improve your target acquisition.

All in all, this sight set is just ideal and comes at a decent range.


  • Good illumination
  • Visible in all light conditions
  • Decent price
  • U-notch design
  • High-quality titanium lamps


  • Less promising



Detecting the best night sights for the M&P Shield might be more challenging than most people think it is. The current models in the market possess different designs, and they use more than technology to manufacture the necessary illumination needed in low-light and dark conditions.

The following guide will brief you about each characteristic of the night sight that can in some way influence your shooting experience. It will also guide you on how to find the best sights according to your suitability.

1. Sight Design

Although the night sights are perfectly suited to help you achieve your aimed target at night or conditions of low-light, still you have to be able to take aim of using them. Now, there are a lot of different sight designs, and you should pick the night sights according to your personal requirement and preference.

  • U-Notch- this is one of the most popular designs for the rear sight. To take aim of using this type of sights, you are required to align the U-notch and the front sight to your target.

Night sights possessing this design usually enhance your aim and acquisition of the target by using tritium lamps of multiple colors on the rear and front sights. The contrast between the colors will make focusing easier.

  • Patridge- the Patridge sights are somewhat similar to the U-notch designs. These are just more popular. Despite the fact they use the same principle the Patridge is slightly different from the U-notch. Instead of having a semi-circular design, the rear sight has a design that resembles the bottom of a square. Both the front and the rear sights are shorter than the U-notch so the sights have a lower profile.

Night sights that possess Patridge-design use three tritium or fiber optic lamps. To obtain your aimed target in low-light conditions, you have to center the front lamp between the two rear ones. The makers of these sights usually use different colors for the front and rear lamps just to enhance the aiming power and focus. It helps in adding an extra amount of focus towards the front sight.

  • V-notch- this one too is somewhat similar to the above-mentioned designs. The only difference is that the rear sight is in the shape of a “V”. One of the appreciated benefits of using this type of night sight is that it can come with an additional reflective line placed where the arms of the “V” meet. This reflective line can help you center your target easily, and it can improve your aiming power.

The ones mentioned above are the most popular designs of iron sights. But, they are not just the only designs available. You should always go for a design that you’re comfortable with, and you should ensure your sights are properly mounted on your handgun before using them. Just remember that the design of the sights will influence its size too.

If the size is big- then it might make your M&P shieldless suitable for standard pistol ankle holsters. So take note of this fact.

2. Fiber Optic or Tritium Lamps?

You’ll find two main types of lamp night sights that manufacturers typically use. Both the tritium and the fiber optic sights own their specific sets of advantages and disadvantages, but how will you know which is better?

  • Fiber Optic- the fiber optic sights are comparatively cheaper than the tritium ones. Though the price difference is not too much. These sights are better for target practice, and they will last for a longer duration. Since the fiber optic lamps are wrapped under a thick layer of protective paint they will last indefinitely only and only if you know how to take good care of them. One of the major benefits of using fiber optic sights is that these are versatile. You can use them in all types of light conditions.

These are:

  • Reliable
  • Accurate
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting

Not just this, these help in focusing on the front sight, you will be able to acquire your target quickly than you would while using iron sights.

But hey not everything is perfect about these sights. When there are pros there are cons too and unfortunately, these do not produce light on their own. They only reflect the light which indicates that you won’t be able to use these in conditions of complete darkness. This might be a drawback if you’re planning on installing this kind of sights.

  • Tritium Lamps- it is a radioactive gas, but chill, the amount of tritium in your night sights won’t harm your health. Tritium is used by manufacturers because it possesses the capacity of producing small amounts of light. One of the advantages of using tritium sights is that you’ll be able to use them in complete dark mode or low-lights. This is very useful, especially if you’re thinking of installing this on your home-defense handgun.

Although they produce a small amount of light, tritium lamps are normally not visible during the daylight. Which is why manufacturers usually encircle the lamps in reflective materials. This will make the sights visible during the day as well as night, so you’ll be able to use the M&P shield every hour without bothering about the availability of the light.

3. Sight Material

Usually, the night sights are made out of different materials. All of them come with their own pros and cons.

  • Steel- one of the major advantages of using steel night sights is that they offer amazing durability. Even if you’re careful when you’re using this, you can drop it or bang it against a wall from time to time without worrying about it. Steel night sights will allow you to do these things without having to worry about harming the sights.

A drawback of picking steel iron sights is that they’re usually more expensive than the night sights made out of other substances.

  • Aluminum- night sights made out of aluminum offer a nice balance between durability and price. Though not that durable and steel nights, these can handle the occasional wall bang or drop without any problems. It is also cheaper than steel so most aluminum sights will be cheaper than steel ones.
  • Plastic- even though most of the leading sights makers avoid using plastic for their products, you can still locate plastic sights in the market. A noticeable benefit of plastic sights is that they’re cheap. But other than that, you’ll only witness tons of problems with this sight. One noticeable problem of using plastic sights is that they do not promise durability, you can actually break them while installing them. This is especially true if your M&P iron sights seem to come off really slow. If you try to force the plastic sights in their place, you might end up breaking them before using it.

All in all, plastic night sights can be ideal for beginner shooters. If you’re foggy whether you want to upgrade your iron sights tonight, you can simply buy a cheap plastic model and give it a run. If you’re not satisfied with the result, you can always switch back to the iron sights. If you are satisfied, you can upgrade the plastic ones to steel models or any other material.

4. Front Sight Size

One major advantage of using an aftermarket set of sights is that you can pick one that will truly enhance your accuracy. One way you can do that is by testing the different types of night sights designs.

Some people are better shooters when they use V-notch as opposed when they align the dots. While others tend to perform better if they use a U-notch. Every shooter is different, so it is suggested to try the available designs and pick as per the suitability.

You can also go for user-friendly sights for improving your accuracy level. These sights might seem more appropriate for beginners at a first glance, but since you’re planning on using them in low-light they can be very beneficial for experienced shooters.

Some sight sets come with an enlarged front sight that will immediately stand out when you’re aiming your target. This can be helpful only if you’re trying to shoot accurately in conditions of low-light. It can actually make a major difference if you’re aiming in complete dark mode.


Finding the best night sight can be challenging no doubt, but you need to learn a way to complete that.

Every design comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and it’s up to you to consider all into the account, from the unit’s construction material to the installation process.

Post-reading our reviews about the best M&P Shield Night Sights, we hope it brought some light on how to choose the right model according to your preferences. Also, remember that the aftermarket sights are most likely to have a different weight than the regular ones, so make sure you get enough experience after you install them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 How to buy your night sights for M&P Shield?

Considering you know all about the sights’ design, substances, and sizes, then let’s take a quick glance at other aspects you should take into consideration before finally picking the best night sight for your M&P shield.

1 Size & Weight- if you choose a larger set of sights, it will most likely be bulky as compared to the standard iron sights. This means you’ll have to practice shooting with your new sights until you are completely used to of them

2 Night Sights Should Be Used During Daytime-  don’t forget to practice while aiming with your new sights during the day as well as night time. It is important if you’re thinking of installing the sights for your home-defense handgun.

3 Durability Is Primary- even if you think you won’t ever drop your M&P or bang it against the wall, the night sights still need to be durable enough to handle all the pressure. You might believe that the recoil is not that powerful, but the sights have to be able to handle it for a longer duration as they maintain their accuracy.

4 The Sight Is Bright Enough For You- be it you pick a tritium lamp that produces its own light or a fiber optic one that reflects the ambient one the brightness of the night sights is crucial. You have to make sure the sights are bright enough for your comfortability. Every shooter perceives the brightness level differently, so what seems to be a bright sight for others might be dull for you.

5 Fiber Optic Sights Go Well With Flashlights-  since fiber optic sights need a source of ambient light, you can always use them with a tactical flashlight. The flashlight will provide enough brightness to illuminate the fiber optic sight. Instead of using a flashlight, you can always use a pistol light. The results will be similar.

6 Make Sure The Sights Are Installed Properly- no previous experience with mounting new sights? Well, don’t worry you can either take help from the video tutorials or visit your local gunsmith to change your standard sights with your new ones. Just make sure you don’t ruin the sights during the process of installation and that you have all the tools you need to change them.

Q.2 How long do tritium night sights last?

The tritium that is seen in the lamos of your sights comes with a half-life of 12 years, indicating you can expect your sights to gradually turn dull. Many manufacturers replace the lamps at a decent fee, so you don’t need to worry about the replacement.