Best Shot Timer Reviews

6 Best Shot Timers 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Today’s technology has given us excellent solutions to old problems that existed in our forefathers. One of the answers to the question of timing a shot is the invention of shot timers. There are now several shot timers on the market that will assist you in delivering a perfect shot. The shot timers will tell you how long it takes you to react, whether it be to a threat or a start command at a competition, and break that first shot, in short, it will be your assistant in the shooting range or while hunting.

But are shot timers essential? Yes, the shot timers are necessary for those who want to train their speed, either from a draw to a first shot or between shots and wish to enhance their shooting skills. The shot timers are recommended for competition training and practising to shoot from various concealed positions, like the one you do while hunting out there in the wild.

Overall, if you want to enhance your skills and are interested in activities like training your draw, measure the split times between shots to work on your rapid-fire or aimed shots, or want to be a professional shooter, a shot timer is a tool that will come to your assistance. A shot timer will help you have an eye over your statistics and will allow you to improve on the sides you lack behind.

But what is a shot timer? A shot timer is nothing but a small device that can measure the time you are taking to make individual shots or a string of shots. These devices are used mostly in professional shooting and shooting competitions. However, one can also use them while practising to have an eye on their statistics and work on the results to improve their shooting skills.

Before progressing further, let us go through the buyer’s guide and look at what you should keep in mind while buying a shot timer. These points will help you differentiate between what is reliable and what is trash among the thousands of products in the market throughout the globe.

Buying guide to find the best shot timers

At times, finding the best shot timer for your needs becomes a tedious and time-consuming job. However, it is not very difficult to find the right one if you know what to look for. Most devices in the market available today have similar designs and offer the same amount of data. It might cause differentiating them to be troublesome at times and might leave you with a couple of options to choose from and not one, only increasing your dilemma.

To curb the problem, in the following section, we will see how each of the shot timer’s functions and features that they should have and can influence your shooting experience positively. So, here comes the points to look for:


The sensitivity of the shot timer is one of the essential features to look for. Keep in mind that you will probably be practising in a shooting range and will rarely be the single person practising at the range. Several other shooters will also make their way in, and you will most likely use the shot timer with your fellow shooters in action at one point or another. It means that the device has to be sensitive enough to recognize the shots you took and, at the same time, ignore the ones shot by other people and not consider them.

To eliminate the risk of detecting other shooter’s shots, some models measure the time between shots using an accelerometer instead of using the microphone when you want them to, like in situations when there are too many shooters in the same place. A significant advantage of using this feature is that it will allow the device to accurately measure how long it takes you to make a shot, that too without receiving any interference from the other shooters’ bursts.

Ease of Use

You will never want a shot timer that will be troublesome to use. Therefore, you should go with a shot timer that is quite simple to use. In this list, we have included only the shot timers that are very easy to use. Some timers might be small enough to fit comfortably in your hand, but that doesn’t mean they’re all easy to use. The shot timer’s design also influences how user-friendly it is. Some models are designed as a watch, so you can wear them around your wrist while you’re taking the shots, while the other models come with nylon bands you can use to wear them around your throat or your wrist. So, you need to decide what you like and choose accordingly in terms of ease of use.


The number of features and functions the shot timer uses can also be significant, but it is also wholly personalized and depends on the person. It is essential to note that while most of the features can be helpful for your training, on the other hand, not having a single element can also influence your shooting experience. Features such as the shot timer’s display are factors you should ask for while buying a shot timer. A disadvantage of using a small collection is that even if the timer can produce a lot of data, it will cramp all of it on a small display, you might have some problems while interpreting them. Some models can also connect wirelessly to a printer and print all the data collected on a sheet of paper. It will allow you to keep track of your progress easily and analyze where you went wrong.

But is it essential to buy a shot timer? Is it worth the price tag with which it comes?

Why should you use a shot timer?

When you are spending your hard-earned cash on something, you need to ask yourself if necessary. Here also, you might be wondering if you should use a shot timer or not. Of course, it is essential to be used in competition shooting, as the timers can be useful for people who take part in shooting competitions. But are they beneficial for an average shooter or those who have just started their journey in this domain? Well, the answer is yes, you should try one out.

Shot timers can be of great use as training tools, as they will help you train in multiple ways and grow up perfectly ibn this domain. Let us see how a shot timer can be helpful when you are training with your gun.

Start Delay: The start delay feature added to the shot timers allows a few seconds to pass before ringing the start signal. With the extra few seconds in your hand to prepare, you can improve your draw time that will help you deliver a perfect shot. This exercise is also suitable for enhancing your target acquisition time. At the same time, it will improve your reaction time as well upon consistent practice. You can effectively use this feature to see how much time has passed between the sound signal and your first shot. And that will surely help you lessen up your reaction time.

Random Start: Another outstanding feature added to a shot timer is the random start feature is indeed one of the best ways to improve your reaction time. When you use this feature, the shot timer will produce the start sound after a random period. Your aim after that sound is heard should be to draw and shoot as quickly as you can after the sound signal. Gradually, you will start keeping track of your reaction times and, if desired, can be improved upon by keeping the last record as the benchmark.

Review Function: The review function is another handy feature that a shot timer brings to you. This review function will allow you to check your data and your split times, enabling you to keep track of your progress. The split times are crucial because they can reveal valuable data on how you shoot and help you answer the questions like if you can shoot a regular cadence of fire or slow down or speed up at specific points during the shot string to name a few.

Dry Fire Feature: While most of the shooters prefer going to the shooting range where they can practice, many are comfortable in their backyard, or at times you might not be able to go to the range. It is where the dry fire feature comes in handy after you make sure your firearm is unloaded. Using the dry fire feature, you can slowly decrease your time by increasing your drawing speed. Once you are confident that you can draw and pull the trigger quickly than usual, reduce the timer with another increment, and so on that will help you increase your efficiency in the long run.

Par Time Feature: Last but not least, you can use the par time feature with good results to improve your reloading skills. Let us have a glance over how it is done. First of all, you have to use two empty magazines. Keeping one magazine in the handgun, and the other in your magazine pouch or your tactical pants, be alert to hear the sound from your timer. When the shot timer produces the first sound, you should drop the empty magazine from your pistol, take the empty magazine from your magazine pouch, and perform a reload, as quickly as possible. All you need to try is to reload your pistol and acquire your target before the second beep is sounded from the shot timer.

But how to buy the shot timers that suit your needs and fit in your budget the most? Finding out the best shot timers can be quite tricky at times, especially if it is your first shot timer. However, we have brought you a list of the best shot timers available in the market that you can buy. We have covered everything about some of the best shot timers available in the market, including the reviews, the pros, and cons section and which group of shooters it suits the most. So, without wasting any more time, let us jump straight into the recommendations and let us see what is in store for us.

Best shot timers 2021 – Detailed Review!

#1 – CED7000 Shot Timer

CED7000 Shot Timer

The CED7000 Shot Timer is the first shot timer in our list of the best shot timers available in the market that you can buy. It is perfect for dry fire practice shooting and uses a rechargeable mobile battery as a power source. The CED7000 Shot Timer also uses a small LCD to show your statistics, such as times, splits, and the unit’s date/time, as well as the mode currently in use. The shot timer is very lightweight and compact and enables you to easily take it with you every time you go to the range, which is indeed one of its massive advantages.

You can also wear the timer around your neck, or you can wear it around one of your wrists for easy carrying and mobility. The device is so small and lightweight it won’t interfere with your shooting, and you won’t even feel an unnecessary burden, even if you don’t use it that day. Another advantage of using it is that it produces a soft beep that allows you to use it with great results when you’re using it for dry fire. Overall, this is a great shot timer that offers you good value for money.


  • It is small and lightweight.
  • It is a great device for dry fire practice shooting.


  • Handling the keys might be difficult because of the compact space.


#2 – Competition Electronics Pocket Pro Shot Timer

Competition Electronics Pocket Pro Shot Timer

It is a small device that has an ergonomic design that will allow you to use it with either hand. The Competition Electronics Pocket Pro Shot Timer is the second shot timer in our list of the best shot timers available in the market that you can buy and can memorize and recall up to 50 individual shots. Another advantage of the shot timer is that it comes with several features that can help you improve your shooting skills.

However, the display is small but will show you the information you need like, the number of shots you’ve taken, the split times, and the shots’ review. It comes with a shot sensor and buzzer for increased performance and will automatically shut down after 10 minutes of inactivity to save power. You can choose either the random start or the instant delayed start that will test your reaction and drawing time if you want to do so.


  • It comes with a lot of features.
  • It is equipped with a shot sensor and a buzzer.


  • The display is small as compared to many other shot timers.


#3 – Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II Timer

Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II Timer CEI-4700

The Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II Timer is one of the most popular shot timers currently available on the market and is also the third shot timer in our list of the best shot timers that you can buy. It is usually one of the most preferred timers by shooters because it comes with a user-friendly control panel, an affordable price, and it’s small and compact.

This device is very efficient and can monitor and review your progress and compare them. The timer can also be used to improve your drawing and shooting speed. It can memorize and recall your shots as well as your shot strings. The buttons are highlighted so that the users won’t have any problems using it. The LCD is relatively small but is easy to read, and it provides all the data.


  • It has a user-friendly control panel.
  • It is also quite affordable.


  • The screen is small.


#4 – Pact Club Shot Timer III

Pact Club Shot Timer III

Here comes the fourth shot timer in our list of the best shot timers available in the market that you can buy. The shot timer has a small and compact design, and is capable of recording and recalling up to 100 shots at once. The device can be held easily, and you can also wear it around your neck or wrist without it interfering with your shooting, all because of its sleek design. It has a highly sensitive microphone that will record all of your shots without any problem and interference from the other shooters.

The buzzer equipped to the shot timer produces a loud and clear signal that will signal the start of the recordings. The rubber recessed buttons added to the shot timer are ergonomically designed so that you don’t press on another by mistake. The device can gather enough data to help you improve your shooting skills and uses a large display that shows you all the recorded data.


  • It has a large screen.
  • It has a highly sensitive microphone.
  • It also has rubber recessed buttons.


  • It might appear bulky to some shooters.


#5 – Shotmaxx-2 Shot Timer

Shotmaxx-2 Shot Timer

The Shotmaxx-2 Shot Timer is the fifth shot timer in our list of the best shot timers available in the market that you can buy. The shot timer is designed to look like a watch, and you also can wear it around your wrist without it interfering with your draw or shooting. The build of the timer is small and compact and can provide all the data you would normally get from a shot timer.

Also, it produces a loud beeping sound that marks the start of the shooting session. One of the advantages of using this timer is that it comes with good memory and is capable of recording and recalling up to 9 strings of 99 shots each. It uses a sensitive microphone or an accelerometer to track your shots. Long story short, this is a good shot timer that comes at an affordable price to be given a try.


  • It has a strong and durable build.
  • It comes with an accelerometer.


  • The watch-like design might not be liked by all the shooters.


#6 – MantisX Training System

MantisX Training System

The MantisX Training System is an integral shooting solution that is not exactly a shot timer but can keep track of your shots, and it can measure the pauses you make between each shot. This training system offers real-time information about your shooting, and it offers data-driven advice for every area you are not currently good at. It can also keep track of your performance over time, and it will show your progress relying on the memorized data.

In short, this device is a personal assistant to you that offers personalized advice that can improve your shooting skills over multiple areas. It can be mounted on any handgun or rifle using the rail or a rail adapter. Also, it can connect itself wirelessly to the app in your smartphone via Bluetooth and can collect data from both live fire and dry fire shooting.


  • It has quite advanced features to monitor your performance.
  • It can be linked to your smartphone.


  • The quality is not the best in the market.



This marks the end of our list of the best shot timers available in the market that you can buy. As you have known by now, shot timers play an important role in the shooting and is mostly an inseparable part of it. Like always, be sure of why you need to buy a shot timer. When you have the answer, congratulations, you have the features to look in the shot timers, and thus you get what you need; nothing more, nothing less.