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Can you buy one gun cleaning kit that will work for all calibers?

For many, guns are one of the most interesting items to play. Whether you are out for hunting or even practicing on a target, guns are a pretty amazing form of amusement when used carefully and responsibly.

Like your other devices and equipment, guns also need cleaning to keep them functional and make them last longer. Only if you want them to give their best during a crisis and not break down while doing what they were initially intended to provide you security.

Gun Cleaning

Why do guns need cleaning?

Every time you fire a shot, some residues like gunpowder and gases are released inside the barrel. Over time, if not cleaned, they might harden up and create an obstacle in the barrel, causing the exit of bullets through it to move past the usual mark and eventually break your gun. Cleaning guns regularly, especially after practicing in which you fire a lot of shots, helps you remove those residues and keep it in good shape.

Is a single cleaning kit enough?

Various types of gun cleaning kits are available in the market. Simultaneously, some are designed specifically to clean guns of a single kind, others are universal cleaning kits, which means you can clean almost all the weapons available in the market with those kits.

Now, let us have a glance over the essential components of a universal gun cleaning kit.

  • Bronze brush:

Bronze brushA Bronze brush is inserted through the barrel to clean up the carbon buildup inside it, which might affect the passage of bullets. It is the primary step to start cleaning a gun. In a universal gun cleaning kit, bronze brushes are available of various sizes to clean barrels of multiple dimensions. However, one should check the quality of a bronze brush before purchasing it as they need to be strong enough not to bend while cleaning with force.

  • Nylon Brush:

Nylon BrushA nylon brush is used to perform the same task as the bronze brush, but the difference is that nylon brushes are sued to clean sensitive parts of the gun, curved areas, and other challenging to reach parts. Nylon brushes are also available at various lengths.

  • Cleaning Swab:

Cleaning SwabA cleaning swab is nothing but a cotton thick cloth wrapped around hard-cylindrical support and is used to remove the loose leftover sediments. A cleaning swab is perfect for cleaning the gun with the bronze brush, and the nylon brush as the cleaning swab will now push out the loose dust particles inside and clean the residual oil, which might not be possible with the brushes.

  • Cleaning Jag:

Cleaning JagA cleaning jag is a metallic stick mostly plated with nickel or brass to prevent getting scratch inside the gun. At the edge of the jag, a cleaning patch in places and is inserted inside the weapon to facilitate a 360 degrees cleaning.

  • Slotted patch holder:

Slotted patch holderA slotted patch holder is sometimes provided in a universal cleaning kit in place of the cleaning jag, with the purpose being the same as a cleaning jag: to place a cleaning patch on it and provide an all-round cleaning.


  • Cleaning patches:

Cleaning patchesCleaning patches are dipped inside cleaning solvents and placed on the cleaning jag or slotted patch holder. Cleaning patches come in various dimensions, choose what suits your gun the best. Remember to completely dry out the weapon after using the cleaning solvent to prevent rusting and give your gun a long life.

  • Cotton Swabs:

Cotton SwabsCotton swabs are wood pieces with cotton fixed at one end to facilitate the cleaning of areas in the gun where long thick cleaning equipment cannot pass into. Cotton swabs generally come in a pack of 100 for multiple usages.


  • Double-end brushes:

Double-end brushesDouble-end brushes are used to clean the exterior of the gun and look like a typical toothbrush. They are made up of various materials like stainless steel, nylon, and brush to make them durable.

  • Cleaning rods:

Cleaning rodsA cleaning rod is used to attach all the above components and clean your gun. In a universal cleaning kit, cleaning rods are available in all shapes and sizes to be used in all kinds of firearms.


  • Cleaning Solvent:

Cleaning SolventA cleaning solvent that you use to clean the gun. Cleaning solvents are available in a wide range of quality. You should choose the best for your weapon and remember to remove it entirely from the gun once you are done with cleaning your gun.

  • Bore Snake:

Bore SnakeUsing a bore snake regularly is what will help you to reduce your workload when you are cleaning the gun thoroughly. It is recommended to do the first cleaning with a bore snake after you fire a shot as it will not allow dust particles to settle down and enhance the life of your gun.



Hence it is pretty much clear that the universal cleaning kits exist and are quite efficient in cleaning your guns, no matter what type they are, these kits will most probably contain the tool you need. Buying a universal cleaning kit is recommended rather than buying one of a specific type. If your gun gets broken or goes out of order after a few days, at least you don’t need to buy another cleaning kit in case you decide to buy a gun of another type. The previous one will do the job as well as the new one.