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Best Tactical Knee Pads for Work Reviewed and Buying Guide in 2021!

While you are out there in the woods hunting, you need to use a good pair of tactical knee pads to protect your knees from injury. It is of utmost importance, especially if you like shooting from the kneeling stance, and the knee pads will protect both your knee joint and your pants from scratches. But as you have seen, there might be a thousand types of knee pads available in the market that you can buy. But which one suits you the best, and which one is the best utility? In this article, we will have a look at the best knee pads available in the market that you can buy to make your shopping experience a bit more memorable.

Without wasting any more time let us jump straight into the list and explore what is in store for us.

Top 6 Best Knee Pads Reviews

#1 – ALTA AltaCONTOUR Knee Protector Pad

ALTA AltaCONTOUR Knee Protector Pad

The ALTA AltaContour Knee Protector Pads is the first knee pad in a list of the best knee pads available in the market, which you can use to keep your knees safe and healthy. The ALTA AltaCONTOUR Knee Protector Pad comes with the specially designed AltaLock fasteners. The knee pads are made out of durable nylon fabric, and they allow a wide range of motion, so you will be able to use your legs without restrictions and, at the same time keep your knees from cuts and bruises.

The interior of the ALTA AltaCONTOUR Knee Protector Pad has a flexible foam padding that will protect your knee and improve comfort while wearing the pads and moving around in any rough terrain such as in the woods. The neoprene foam padding will support your knee and keep the pads in place without creating pressure. The features which are added to the ALTA AltaCONTOUR Knee Protector Pad are soft coyote flexible cap that provides protection and flexibility to the knees, a strong durable Cordura nylon fabric construction, a thick neoprene recovery foam padding for support.

They also have a tricot liner that wicks away the moisture and keeps dirt out.  They are also quite adjustable to fit most sizes and thus can be used by a wide range of customers. The dimensions of the ALTA AltaCONTOUR Knee Protector Pad measures 9 x 4 x 11 inches and has a weight of 11.7 ounces in total. They are also very much affordable and hence can be used by the customers who have a very tight budget. As an added advantage, the ALTA AltaCONTOUR Knee Protector Pads have dual straps that provide extra comfort while wearing. The dual straps also prevent the knee pads from slipping down and does will hold them in their place.

However, if you are an avid hunter or camper, and will use these knee pads too often, you might face some issues after some time as the steps might become loose, thereby sliding down.


  • The dual strap is surely one of its advantages that gives you a secure fit and comfortable hold.


  • The bottom strap is not of the best quality and could be improved.


#2 – Condor Outdoor Knee Pad 2

Condor Outdoor Knee Pad 2

The Condor Outdoor Knee Pad 2 is the second knee pad in a list of the best knee pads available in the market which you can use to keep your knees safe and healthy. They offer good protection to your knees, and they’re comfortable to wear for a long time. The Condor Outdoor Knee Pad 2 allows your knee to move freely without any constraint, just as it would without wearing them so that you get a comfortable feel. The pads’ contoured foam interior is 0.5″ thick, enough to keep your knees comfortable at all times. They also use plastic side buckles for easy handling. The straps are elastic, and they have fasteners which are easily adjusted so that they can be worn by people having diverse knee size.

As an added advantage, the non-slip rubber cap equipped to the Condor Outdoor Knee Pad 2 will prevent the pads from slipping and thus will allow you to make a wide range of movements without having to adjust the pads. The Condor Outdoor Knee Pad 2 use buckles to fasten to your knee. The buckles might take slightly longer than the usual ones to adjust than a Velcro strap but be assured they are more durable than the usual ones available in the market. The features added to the Condor Outdoor Knee Pad 2 are high comfort of wearing and extreme protection, maximum flexibility and ease of movement, contoured 0.5 inches foam padded interior, and water-resistant non-slip rubber cap to name a few.

They also have plastic buckles added by the manufacturer for easy on and off. The elastic strap fasteners, along with the hook and loop adjustable make it a general-purpose knee pad.  The height of the Condor Outdoor Knee Pad 2 is approximately 8.8 inches or 22.5 centimeters, while the width of the knee pad is approximately 6.4 inches or 16.5 centimeters. Each of the knee pads weighs approximately 180 grams and makes it extremely easy to wear them and move around comfortably even in some rough terrains such as out there in the wild.


  • The usage of buckles to fasten the knee pads to your knees.


  • Same as the previous one, they can start to slip down after using this for a long time.


#3 – BLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Knee Pads

BLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Knee Pads

The BLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Knee Pads is the third knee pad in a list of the best knee pads available in the market, which you can use to keep your knees safe and healthy.  They are black and is extremely suited for those who prefer dark color camo while hunting. The BLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical knee pads offer good protection to your knees and prevent you from ruining the pants off your camping suit or camo. The pads come with a high-quality nylon shell from the manufacturer.

They also use a closed-cell foam padding to absorb most of the shock before reaching your knee, in case you lose your balance and hit a hard surface. It not only is shock resistant but also weatherproof so that you can continue with your activities even in adverse weather conditions without causing much trouble. However, the foam added to the BLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Knee Pads does not absorb moisture, so you can wear them in damp weather if you are not okay with using a wet knee pad.

Features added to the BLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Knee Pads are closed-cell foam padding that provides the users an excellent shock resistance along with little to no moisture retention, which is made up of 600 denier nylon shell, is non-slip, flexible, and has a molded polyurethane cap. The pair of knee pads also contain contoured interior ledge that prevents pad slippage, and a hook & loop elastic straps keep the pad in place.

Overall, the BLACKHAWK Advanced Tactical Knee Pads are quite affordable and can be used if you want a pair of knee pads for occasional use.


  • Once you have adjusted them on your knees, they will stay there for a long period without you needing to readjust them to give you a perfect fit.
  • Each of the pads has a closed-cell foam padding that provides the users an excellent shock resistance.


  • The top and the bottom straps are quite close to one another and thus might cause problems and discomfort for those who want straps to be placed away from each other.


#4 – ALTA AltaCONTOUR Knee Protector Pad

ALTA AltaCONTOUR Knee Protector Pad

The ALTA AltaCONTOUR Knee Protector Pad is the fourth knee pad in a list of the best knee pads available in the market, which you can use to keep your knees safe and healthy. It is also the second product in our list of the best knee pads available in the market that rolls out from the house of Alta, a company that was established in the year 1991 and has been producing quality products since then. The ALTA AltaCONTOUR Knee Protector Pad knee pads have a flexible cap on the top that is thick enough to protect your knees from any kind of injuries if you fall accidentally.

But being thick doesn’t mean it is quite stiff the ALTA AltaCONTOUR Knee Protector Pad is quite opposite and is slim enough to offer you maximum flexibility while moving on the rough terrain. The pads have strong and durable construction, that makes them perfect to be used in terrains where moving around is not that much easy. The interior of the pads is made out of thick neoprene foam so they can be used for support or protection, both at the same time. Also, the rubber cap added on the top of the knee pads is skid-resistant and thus will not slip down your leg while you’re moving. The foam padding offers great support to your knees without interfering with your motions. Other features that are added to the ALTA AltaCONTOUR Knee Protector Pad are soft olive-drab flexible cap provides protection and flexibility to your legs, a strong durable Cordura nylon fabric construction that gives the pads a long life, a thick neoprene recovery foam padding for support.

Also, the ALTA AltaCONTOUR Knee Protector Pad has tricot liner wicks away moisture and keeps dirt out to give you a clean look and is also adjustable to fit most sizes so that it can bring a wide range of prospective customers under its shed. Long story short, it is an affordable knee pad with some awesome features that you can try if you want entry-level keypad without costing much.


  • These pads are quite lightweight so that you can wear them for a long time without feeling any discomfort. They are so light that sometimes you might even forget that you are wearing them.
  • The ALTA AltaCONTOUR Knee Protector Pad has a strong durable Cordura nylon fabric construction that gives the pads a long life.


  • Sometimes a mismatching of the pairs can happen, and what that you need to contact the customer care service to sort out the problem.


#5 – Military Outdoor Clothing ACU Knee and Elbow Pad

Military Outdoor Clothing ACU Knee and Elbow Pad

Here comes the fifth knee pad available in the market that you can buy, the Military Outdoor Clothing ACU Knee and Elbow Pad that comes in two sides: one for the knees, and one for the elbows. This tactical set comes with two knees and two elbow pads and is nothing but a pack of four that comes with an affordable price tag. All of the four pads are adjustable, and they will fit most sizes to ensure that they have a proper grip and provide you the best protection available.

Both the knee and the elbow pads come with a top and a bottom strap, that helps in securing them in the place for a long time without demanding the need to readjust it. The top strap is elastic, and the bottom one is made up of woven nylon thus you are guaranteed durability. The Military Outdoor Clothing ACU Knee and Elbow Pad are genuine military issued surplus, so they’re very durable.

At least, consider them to be almost unbreakable when used in the day to day life. They are also made out of high-density polyethylene but have a comfortable interior so that you do not face any difficulty while moving around. As told earlier, the straps can be adjusted easily, and they will maintain their length. The straps will prevent the pads from slipping, but they will allow you a good level of flexibility that makes maneuvering easy.


  • They are made up of high-density polyethylene, which guarantees its durability.
  • It is a four-piece set, complete with two elbow pads & two knee pads that provides you overall protection.


  • Some people might not be quite used to the wear and tear sign that might be present the pads.


#6 – Alta Industries AltaFLEX Knee Pads

Alta Industries AltaFLEX Knee Pads

The Alta Industries AltaFlex knee pads are the last knee pad winner list of the best knee pads that you can buy, which are available in the market. It is also the third knee pad manufactured by the company named Alta Industries that occupies a place in our list. It uses a black rubber cap to protect your knees in case you lose your balance and fall on the ground on your knees.

The cap of the Alta Industries AltaFLEX Knee Pad is specially designed to maintain its position, and it won’t slide down your leg when you’re moving roughly in the wild. The knee pads are secured in their place by a top and a bottom strap, which works together to give you the best possible grip. Both the straps are elastic and adjustable, which means that the knee pads will fit most sizes without causing any trouble. Some of the features added to the Alta Industries AltaFLEX Knee Pads are black rubber cap knee pad, Alta buckle fastening system, and are made up of DuPont Cordura nylon which enhances its durability.

These knee pads use a buckle fastening system, that makes it is easy to adjust, and it’s more durable than the Velcro straps other models use. The Alta Strapkeeper will secure the excess straps, so they won’t flap when you move, a massive problem for those who have thin legs


  • The straps provided by the manufacturer are very good, and they will maintain the cap’s position over your knee, no matter how hard you are moving around.


  •  It doesn’t have a good with breathability, and might not be suitable for you if you are living in a place where the climate is very hot.



We hope that you liked our article on the best available in the market that you can buy to make your hunting or trekking experience smoother. But before buying a pair of knee pads, do analyze your needs and the environment you would be hunting or touring in to get exactly the features that you need while hunting, nothing more, nothing less. Like for example, if you live in a hot climate, it would be wiser to choose a product that has more breathability than the rest, so that you are comfortable while you are out of your home. And if you are hunting in a wet environment, buy a knee pad that is waterproof to some extent.

Like all products, the best knee pads also come in the higher price change so, it is advised to buy a quality product rather than going for the cheapest one, as a quality product will perhaps last a long time without demanding a replacement. In this article, we have tried to cover all the pads with diverse necessities so that every reader can get the benefits. As always, you can’t get a quality product by not lightening your wallet. Quality and price go hand in hand, one cannot go in the absence of others. And if you come across that beats this corollary, be assured that tampering with quality is certainly on with that product.

Happy Shopping!

best Glock 19 IWB holsters Review

The 9 best Glock 19 IWB holsters 2021 – Reviews and Buyers Guide

The Glock 19 is one of the most common carry guns on the market; the best IWB holster for Glock 19 greatly improves your ability to carry. The Glock 19 is a reliable and powerful weapon that’s the way it demands an equally strong holster.

Glock 19 is very famous means there a huge market of compatible holsters, IWB is one of the best choices of having a concealed carry, like a holster, can be placed inside your waistband, in many positions that feel comfortable for you.

Selecting the right holster makes all the variations in reaction time, comfort in carrying your handgun and responsibly handling your weapons, Glock 19 is one of the best placing gun ever made and has been one of the bestselling for over 20 years

Knowing what to look for IWB holster makes a better choice over another can help you find the best IWB Holster for Glock 19.

Key Terms for Those New to Holsters

1. Printing

The ability for normal observers to see something the capacity for those in the know, and potential criminal to actually know what you are carrying by such an outline

2. Weapon retention

If you carry a gun, for self-protection, as a responsible gun owner and concealed carry permit holder, weapon retention is an important factor in a close-quarters fight losing manage of your weapons.

3. Belt loop Holster

The holster is directly connected to the belt instead of offering an inside waistband paddle or connection points. A belt side holster usually has a slightly lower profile while a paddle holster generally covers a majority of high retention outside waistband holsters.

4. Paddle Holster

Paddle holsters are a popular choice for carrying a handgun due to their comfort, paddle holster is just an OWB holster combined with a paddle for an easy and secure attachment to your waistband, paddle holster is best to carry option and popular with law enforcement and civilian users.

5. Draw speed

The flatness with which you will be able to change your weapons and come to the position where you will logical be able to make an accurate threat stopping the shot.

Top Glock 19 Holsters Accessible Online

#1 – Concealment Express IWB Kydex for Glock 19/23/32

Concealment Express IWB Kydex for Glock 19/23/32 Review

Concealment Express IWB Kydex are made from Kydex and can be worn as an appendix carry holster or as strong side IWB Kydex holster, this useful for both right and left-hand shooters and the user can easily swap the clip from side to side. Its best for the beginners inside waistband carry holster.


  • Affordable
  • Quality materials
  • More adjustability


  • Only one point of contact with the waistline

Why it is suggested

Concealment Express IWB Kydex is available both left and right hand draw the materials, warranty and user-friendly with the minimum weight at 2.5oz. it comes with a 1.5 ABS standard belt clip.


#2 – Glock 19/23/32 Holster – Tulster IWB profile Holster

Glock 19/23/32 Holster - Tulster IWB profile Holster Review

Tulster IWB profiles Holster are sleek minimal material design and matte edge finish makes it ultra- concealable and super comfortable appendix carry holster

Offering minimal to zero drag until retention point which places any wear on the holster down with six various colour to choose from.


  • Adjustable cant: 0-15 degree
  • Minimal material
  • Adjustable retention


  • Little spendy.

Why it is suggested

Tulster IWB profile Holster is easily concealable with a regular t-shirt and jeans, it’s useful for both right and left-handed users.


#3 – Galco KT224B Kingtuk Holster

Galco KT224B Kingtuk Holster Review

Galco KT224B Kingtuk Holster is one of the most comfortable IWB holsters. This holster presents a great deal of idea that legacy brands like Galco.

Gives you good concept through one most of the proposed innovation it tries to implements with the slimmer model and duels contact points offer grate stability.


  • User-friendly


  • Right-handed holster

Why it is suggested

Galco KT224B Kingtuk Holster made comfortable, user-friendly, Galco is a brand that’s present in the market many years, as the leader in the industry in quality control and innovation.


#4 – Serpa CQC Concealment Holster size 02 Glock

Serpa CQC Concealment Holster size 02 Glock

Serpa CQC Concealment Holster is a great name brand and solid material choice consideration the actual use case of the holster, its design gets it outside of the waistband.


  • SERPA auto-lock technology
  • Unique L shaped button
  • Lightweight design


  • Odd placement when moving frequently from seated to standing positions
  • Not as sturdy as 2 points IWB.

Why it is suggested

BLACKHAWK! Serpa CQC Concealment Holster is SERPA auto lock releases, the SERPA concealment holster for the right hand-deliver a smooth draw, easy re-delivery and unparalleled weapon security.


#5 – Fierce Defender IWB Kydex Holster Glock Warrior Series

Fierce Defender IWB Kydex Holster Glock Warrior Series Review

Fierce Defender IWB Kydex Holster Glock Warrior made with high-quality components and adjustable retention so you can get the perfect fit, the thick .08 Kydex construction is good quality and provides you better protection against sweat and heat, strong, durable to your gun.


  • Thin model
  • The structure is rigid Kydex


  • Still slightly unbearable in a certain situation

Why it is suggested

IWB Kydex Holster Glock Warrior totally covers the trigger and backside of the gun, which makes it safer and protected from outside elements.


#6 – Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster

Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster Review

Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster is one of the famous products in the market; it’s come with custom model retention shell for superior fit and made with pride in the USA.

The system from Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.0 is a robust solution to sagging waistlines due to heavy carry weapons


  • Stability for an IWB
  • Responsiveness from factory
  • Solid material


  • Can seem a bit bulky
  • Can be somewhat complex to get fitted initially

Why it is suggested

Alien Gear Holsters Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster is made high-quality materials, customer support is relentless and the guarantees are very good.


#7 – OUTBAGS USA LS2G19 Full Grain Heavy Lather IWB

OUTBAGS USA LS2G19 Full Grain Heavy Lather IWB Review

OUTBAGS USA LS2G19 Full Grain Heavy Lather IWB is a hard-molded leather holster, use it insides pants holster not for outside pants or small of back, This product best for those who want the ultimate in adjustment from a single pivot point


  • Simple and user-friendly construction
  • Compact size
  • Lather


  • Small waistline clip

Why it is suggested

OUTBAGS USA LS2G19 Full Grain Heavy Lather is a very simple design, very easy to maneuver positioning due to the small waistline clip profile make it fast to adjust.


#8 – CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster Fits: Glock 19/19X/23/32

CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster Fits: Glock 19/19X/23/32 Review

CYA Supply Co. IWB Holster Fits are American products made of .08, thick boltaron and stronger than Kydex in both heat and impact registrant and lightweight design for the CYA Supply Co and the IWB platform make this a good choice for those who require something a bit more rigid.


  • Made of superior boltaron material
  • Better impact resistance
  • All stainless steel black powder coat hardware
  • Great warranty


  • Can be bit rigid in certain positions

Why it is suggested

This product is more comfortable and flexible; the fast in-service time and easy profile to move around make this a very nice holster for fast adjustment and relatively solid draws.


#9 – Relentless tactical the Defence Leather IWB Holster

Relentless tactical the Defence Leather IWB Holster Review

The simple, brick design of classic Glock 19 could also be dubbed as a square affair, as it provides much more fun than it does look, this firearm is a paired with a minimalist inside the waistband design like Relentless, Tactical Defender holster


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Handmade of high-quality leather
  • Minimalistic IWB concealed carry holster


  • Need particularly clothing choices

Why it is suggested

Relentless tactical the Defence Leather IWB Holster is a one of the high quality and durable product in the market it comes with a lifetime warranty, designed for comfort and optimum performance.

 Main information and consideration related to Waistband Holsters.


Material for IWB Holsters

1. Kydex

Kydex is one type of material utilizes for a variant application like a holster, mag carriers; Kydex is a line of thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride materials developed by KYDEX LLC. It has several applications, like guns or Knives.

Kydex is a rigid plastic material that can be slightly painful.

2. Leather

Leather material produced from an animal hide that’s useful for different applications including flashlight carries and holster etc.

Ballistic Nylon

This reference to a particular type of nylon develop for maximum flexibility and abrasion resistance, but an idea in materials and retention are beginning to make this material old fashioned in many ways for comfortable and flexible.

3. Polymer

The polymer is material made for long, repeating chains of the molecule, these material have unique properties, depending on the type of molecules, is a cheaper plastic that’s doesn’t have heat vacuum capabilities of Kydex for customizing this material often identifying in lower-cost holster.

4. Size of Holsters and size consideration

The best and most accurate method of determining what size belt you should order is actually a way of determining what size belt you should order is to actually measure a belt that you currently wear. But, the basic protocol of thumb, in most situations the belt will require to be 3 to 6 more than your pants waist size.

5. Understanding how to work with your Holster

Holsters are known to be one of the most complicated accessory items, buying for your firearms and its intended use, if holsters were simply a one size fit all accessories.

Always appraised of your surroundings is the most valuable part of effective concealed carries seniority of the time, the conditional appraise you bring to space will be the determining thing.

6. Legalities

You need to know when it is legal to draw your weapon and under what condition or situation and you also very well know where it is appropriate to carry a concealed firmware and how to react and interact with law enforcement.


The Glock 19 is one of the most important handguns; it’s mostly used of police, military, LE agencies as well as an army of gun enthusiasts, there are various IWB and OWB holsters for Glock in the market.

The valuable variable to the equation is a clock 19 concealed carry holster that’s placed in the right way.

Best 1911 Shoulder Holsters

Top 10 Best 1911 Shoulder Holsters of 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

The Shoulder Holster provide the best combination of support, comfort, quality construction and value for money it also fits wide variety of handgun so, there is good chance there will be one available for your particular gun, the holster system is available in two colour, tan and black with a high quality.

A 1911 Shoulder Holster is a full size, popularity and ease of use, holster that’s can fit the 1911 handgun, is a one of the most common and flexible conceal guns in the military, law application and for civilian use, for your comfort and maximum functionality, you need to choose your 1911 shoulder holsters.

Top 1911 Shoulder Holster Obtainable Online

#1 – Galco Miami Classic II

Galco Miami Classic II Review

Galco Miami Classic II Shoulder Holster has gained notoriety for being one of the best in term of long-lasting fit and comfort, it’s made of 100% full-grain leather and comes with an ammo carrier and a holster.

Galco Miami Classic II Shoulder Holster made using the finest materials it’s mostly used for law enforcement, military and citizen. Galco Miami Classic II the open-front magazine carrier to a similar horizontal position, allowing a faster and more natural grasp.


  • Galco’s trademarked flexion plate
  • Available in left or right-hand draw
  • Has a vertical magazine carrier that can hold two mags


  • Modular design is easy to amend and upgrade
  • Steer hide leather materials are highly durable
  • Easy draw


  • Costly
  • Small straps

Galco Miami Classic II made for semiautomatic pistols, in the right-hand draw in tan or black finish.


#2 – King Holster

King Holster Reviews

King Holster is a universal holster that’s work for both right hands left-hand draw, its fits most medium to large frame handgun and comes with an extra magazine pouch.

King Holster is moistly used security guard professional tactical duty gear etc…

The king holster is built around a nylon webbing harness, this harness connect attaches to a 1911 holster as well as duel magazine pouch, all are the plastic connectors are easily removable.


  • Reversible
  • Most guns fit this holster
  • Double magazine pouch


  • Comfortable
  • Good quality
  • Lightweight
  • Moderate price


  • Not adjustable

Shoulder straps too narrow

King Holster is a better choice if you buying your 1911 holster on a smaller budget.


#3 – ALIS453 Leather

ALIS453 Leather Review


ALIS453 Leather shoulder holster come with very nice starching and also soft interior lining, hangs vertically under left shoulder for maximum comfort, currently, this shoulder holster is available only for a right-handed draw.

This holster supports any slandered 5-inch 1911 because it’s made of thin leather, it takes a few days to break in completely, spend some time wearing it around the house before you take it out in public.


  • Vertical carry
  • Leather construction
  • Leather retention straps


  • Durable construction
  • Minimal printing
  • Easy draw


  • Needs to be broken in

ALIS453 Leather shoulder holster has a flat, vertical profile for minimal printing.


#4 – Galco CL224 Classic

Galco CL224 Classic Review

Since 1970, Galco has made the most flexible, dynamic and most copied shoulder holster system in the worldwide, Galco classic Lite is designed with a similar adjustable leather harness to the Classic II.

This Galco handgun holster provides a horizontal carry style that provides a more natural position to fast access your gun if you need to protect yourself.


  • Leather construction
  • Available left or right handed
  • Horizontal carry


  • Adjustable
  • Good for law applications


  • Need some breaking in

Galco CL224 Classic is well-designed shoulder holster for law enforcements officers.


#5 – Desantis New York

Desantis New York Review

Desantis New York is made in US, fits colt government model 45 cal, 1911, officer, commander, etc., It’s available in only tan colour.

Is a covert holster is a shoulder holster parts which is crafted from top grain cowhide?

The top grain leather shoulder straps are soft, supple and comfortable enough to wear the whole day without any problem.


  • Right-handed design
  • Lather thumb brake
  • Horizontal carry


  • Comfortable shoulder carry
  • Strong retention


  • Expensive

It’s a very comfortable and flexible way to carry your 1911.


#6 – World War Supply

World War Supply Review

World War Supply shoulder holster strap is tough and durable with heavy starching and thick shoulder pad that’s designed to be worm for days. World War Supply shoulder Holster made comfortable, user-friendly, is a brand that’s present in the market many years, as the leader in the industry in quality control and innovation.

World War Supply shoulder holster is a replica of US army issue tanker holster that makes it ideal for the history enthusiasts.


  • Very tactical
  • Right-handed design
  • Leather construction
  • Fits barrel up to 5 inches


  • Quality material
  • The better choice for historical enthusiasts


  • Dose does not offer good concealment.

This shoulder holster is crafted from quality, feasibility and durability leather.


#7 – Aker Leather 101

Aker Leather 101 Review

Aker Leather 101 is made in the United State of America the finest vegetables tanned cowhide and raw materials, that’s tested and used by law enforcement and federal agencies over the world.

Aker Leather 101 is molded for maximum retention and it fits all 1911 pistols near about 50inch in length with a bit of included security thanks to the fat leather thumb brake.


  • Right handed design’
  • Build-in duel magazine
  • Leather thumb break


  • Easy releases
  • Comfortable’
  • Strong retention


  • Hard to conceal

This is a comfortable holster with an easy release.


#8 – UTG LE Grade

UTG LE Grade Review

UTG LE Grade shoulder holsters a wide padded shoulder strap and second budget option on our list its offered stronger retention and comfort.

It connects with a nylon holster and on the other side, to a dual magazine pouch. The connection is plastics quick releases clips so you can easily modify the deluxe to be left or right-handed.


  • Universal design
  • Build-in a magazine pouch
  • Open bottom design


  • Comfortable
  • Inexpensive


  • Cheap construction

UTG LE Grade shoulder holsters are available at a moderate rate in the market.


#9 – Galco Vertical

Galco Vertical Review

The Galco vertical shoulder holster is adjustable and features flared shoulder strap for more comfort its design particularly for carrying a Galco 43, the leather holster attached by an elastic Velcro strap that’s fit up to a 13 inch and take just seconds to put on or take off, It is one of the most comfortable holsters on the market.

The Galco vertical shoulder holster is a costly holster but it worth the money all the leather is top-grain heavy gauge and held together with taught stretching.


  • Vertical tactical
  • First up to 5 inches 1911 barrier
  • 2build in magazine pouches


  • Minimal printing
  • Wide straps
  • Durable


  • High cost

The Galco vertical shoulder holster offers vertical position form minimal printing.


#10 – Master Holsters

Master Holsters Review

Master Holster’s shoulder holster is a hand molded from premium cowhide, all leather, hand-molded, and the holster hangs horizontally under the shoulder.

Master Holster’s shoulder holster is a confidently carry your weapons and spare ammunition, the holster itself has a soft finish and hold your pistol in place with a leather snap strap that’s run over the back of the grip.

The duel magazine pouch is heavily gauge and support the fat magazines the desert eagle requires


  • 2build in magazine pouches
  • Vertical carry
  • Leather retention straps


  • Strong retention
  • Durable


  • Poor concealment

Master Holster’s shoulder holster is fully adjustable for comfort and fit and double magazine carrier.



A 1911 Shoulder Holster has two important key impact features, like comfort and performance, it’s also a convenient way of keeping both your ammo and your gun very close by in one easy to reach location. If you are not comfortable with 1911 shoulder holsters then you can go with Belly Band Holsters, Glock 19 IWB holsters or you can go with other tactical like Tactical Vests, Tactical Gloves, Concealed Carry Vests.

There are many advantages to selecting a 1911 Shoulder Holster over other types of Holsters like easy access during seated, take the weight off your back, get your hand on your gun without drawing attention, etc.

There are a few reasons why this 1911 Shoulder Holster is most popular, it’s one of the lightweight and concealable shoulder holster on the entire market and its investment, but it will last you a lifetime.

Best Brightest Tactical Flashlight Reviews 2020 - Reviews and Buyers Guide!

Best Brightest Tactical Flashlight Reviews 2021 – Reviews and Buyers Guide!

The best brightest tactical flashlights will not always be the most expensive; the few flashlights available online are cheap replicas of proven design or cheaply made tactical flashlights available in the market with various size and shape and handy in an emergency, night time work, hunting, etc.

The most valuable equipment Tactical flashlights in your daily, carry toolbox, turn on what you need from your gear if you work in security, low enforcement or dark environments and help much in the way of self-protection.

The best brightest tactical flashlights are mostly used by police officers, military theses flashlight are made from weapons-grade aluminum, making them stronger than other flashlights

An important factor for choosing the Best Brightest Tactical Flashlights

1.    Lumens

Brightness expressed in lumens, its most important quality, it makes sense to pay attention to how much light the product emits, the light is calculated in lumens, more lumens means more powerful light.

The SI unit of luminous flux, equal to the amount of light emitted per second in a unit, the reality of the lumen variable is that the higher the number, the brighter light will appear.

2.    Reality

The most LEDs are low-quality versions of the newest tactical flashlight near about $50 copies made with inferior materials, of LED that is selected for the brightness tactical flashlight.

There is nothing to wrong with purchasing a cheap LED flashlight for tactical or general use purposes, but there must be a good understanding of the capabilities of the flashlight choose.

3.    Power source

The power source is important to factor because outcomes can be directly connected to the power source; the two main battery types are the 18650 and 1630. The best tactical lights utilize internal batteries for the combination of reasons, one major reason is the control of the circuitry that allows for these high power flashlight to maintain comfortable, safe temperature and avoid internal damage against to overuse of the circuits.

Purchasing the good quality brands that’s gives you 18650 and 16340 batteries produce the brightness flashlight, with the help of proper voltage or power source when charging internal battery packs also contribute to the speed of the luminous flux of the brightness you use and required count on.

4.    Throw and flood

Throw and Flood is terms that are commonly related with tactical flashlight.

Throw profile refers to a narrower beam that is normally stronger at a farther distance than what you are aiming at, the throw is a unique representation of the combination with brightness of the light and the reflectiveness reflector system adding with surface texture and other component variables.

Flood profile refers to a light that is spread more widely from the lens, enabling the users to have a wider stream of the view. Flood is the amount of light that can lack out into the in-between area illuminate a broader angle of the area, best pistol light will be a hybrid normally with the ability in-between to intermediate distance.

5.    Size and other considerations

If you plan to carry your tactical flashlight in your pocket, a heavy one isn’t a practical choice, full time carrying of a larger flashlight, size matters, and the smaller size while offering adequate light output, Brand and material choice are the major factors both in prising and incapability for your flashlight; Brand and material choice are not only important for the flashlight but it is important for other tacticles like such as earmuffs, ar 15 scopes, shooting glasses, Pants.

Not all flashlight in markets offers the top product in the CREE portfolio or the highest alloy of aluminum for that’s the matter, materials means something with related to longevity, capability and everyday use.

Best Tactical Flashlights 2021 Available

1 – Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL professional tactical flashlight

Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL professional tactical flashlight Review

Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL professional tactical flashlight is an Aircraft aluminum body with knurled texture for excellent grip and possible to work with three different modes like high, strobe and low.

Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL is a good option for those required moderate range and mid-size tactical flashlight that has good throw with powerful normal use beam type.

Approximate lumen rating: 750 lumen C4 LED

Throw: near about 250 meters beam range

We Like

  • Aircraft aluminum body
  • Excellent grip operates with 3 different mode

We Don’t Like

  • Small and can get warm

Why it is suggested:

Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL is a top-quality duty flashlight which is proven in lawful outline over years of use, this is the significant value of money or offering 3 modes to balance performance with longevity.


2 – OLIGHT Bundle

OLIGHT Bundle Review

OLIGHT Bundle gives you the best material and good material quality in the tactical flashlight game, for more general uses like camping or searching, the side switch offers comfortable and easy access to on/off and output.

Approximate lumen rating: 1,500 lumens

Throw: 23 to 26 mm range

We Like

  • Good performance
  • Exceptional build quality

We Don’t Like

  • Some issue related to the internal battery pack not begin user accessible

Why it is suggested:

OLIGHT Bundle not high-quality manufacture over a whole portfolio of the product as what OLIGHT offers.


3 – Bundle: Olight PL-2

Bundle: Olight PL-2 Review

Bundle light PL-2 is Valkyries is a versatile LED weapon light that’s characteristics a Cree XHP35 HI LED that produces 1200 lumens of white light with 250 m light throw.

Approximate lumen rating: 3,200 lumen

Throw: 250 meters light throw

We Like

  • Versatile mounting option for various types of guns
  • Quick-release mount

We Don’t Like

  • Light throttling can happen fastly with batteries that aren’t at full capacity

Why it is suggested:

Bundle light PL-2 is affordable only add to the value proposition of this light    Olight quality and durability is legendary.


4 – TM26 Nitecore Tiny Monster

TM26 Nitecore Tiny Monster Review

It is available in a very tiny structure making it effectively portable, its hold as long as they need without being bored.

It’s developed by aircraft-grade aluminium alloy which is anodized to the hall military grade.

Approximate lumen rating: 540 lumens/ 5.75 hours

Throw: 454 m beam distance

We Like

  • A lens with anti-reflective coating made from ultra-clear mineral glass
  • AC charging cable

We Don’t Like

  • Expensive

Why it is suggested:

Nitecore Tiny Monster TM26 has come with an innovative and patented user-friendly interface with a single 2 stage switch that’s making it easy to operate that’s is user-friendly.


5 – Zebralight SC52 L2 AA flashlight cool white

Zebralight SC52 L2 AA flashlight cool white Review

If you are looking small size brightness flashlight that’s is Zebralight its best choice around, the most important thing about the small flashlight is its smart user interface that allows you to quickly and easily access all of the various brightness level and modes the light was offers.

Approximate lumen rating: 285 lumens

Throw: considered a floodlight option

We Like

  • A tempered optical grade glass
  • Durable nature and anodized finish

We Don’t Like

  • Not the brightest light and not particularly focused on beam

Why it is suggested:

Zebralight SC52 L2 AA flashlight cool white is a small size brightness flashlight in the market and very user-friendly with three short clicks from the off position.


6 – Thrunite TN42

Thrunite TN42 Review

Thrunite TN42 is one of the powerful throws LED lights on the market with an intelligent and economic user-friendly interface, Thrunite TN42 is ITC technology to prevents possible damage from overheads.

Approximate lumen rating: 2000 lumens

Throw: 1550 meters throw

We Like

  • The next closest competitors is 80% more in cost
  • High output reaches 4450 lumens

We Don’t Like

  • Complicated mode system

Why it is suggested:

Thrunite TN42 is much smaller than anything of its throw and much easier to operate or handle than any of much bigger competitors.


7 – Fenix E15

Fenix E15 Review

The Fenix E15 is an ultra-compact everyday carry torch which can deliver up to 450 lumens, the price will easily be forgotten when you recognize the utility.

Approximate lumen rating: 450 lumens

Throw: 132 meters

We Like

  • Digitally regulated circuits- maintains constant brightness
  • Reverse polarity protection protects from improper battery installation
  • Overheat protection to preserve the LED

We Don’t Like

  • Twist on/ off feature instead of push-button

Why it is suggested:

When you required a flashlight you never have one, with this E15, you will always have one.


8 – Thorfire Powerful Flashlight

Thorfire Powerful Flashlight Review

A collaboration among one of the largest flashlight specific internet forums and ThorFire, this is a fair light at an extremely low price that gives excellent value for money. With great performance in lumen count and nice throw, this is a budget winner for those who need great throw and large period.

Approximate lumen rating: 5000+ lumens

Throw: 450 meters

We Like

  • High transmittance glass
  • Intelligent memory function for brightness level
  • Waterproof in accordance with IPX-8

We Don’t Like

  • Hard to change settings

Why it is suggested:

Thorfire Powerful Flashlight uses the lightest quality materials use, that is durability and material are good enough when you pair that’s with the lumen count and throw.



FENIX TK72R Review

FENIX TK72R is the most powerful flashlight and it gives the highest output of nay torch so far with a blistering 9000 lumens output on the highest settings it provides short-range floodlighting for excellent coverage.

Approximate lumen rating: 9000 lumens

Throw: 286 meter

We Like

  • Power bank function
  • Lockout function
  • Battery level indicator

We Don’t Like

  • High cost

Why it is suggested:

FENIX TK72R gives the fast access turbo with the light on, single press the main button and to access strobe press or hold the main button for 1.2 seconds with the light on, gives versatile performance for most of what you would want.


10 – FENIX TK35 EdisonBright

FENIX TK35 EdisonBright Review

EdisonBright FENIX TK35 flashlight is rated with an IPX-8 rating, which means this flashlight is fully secure from dust and water-resistance, model and devolvement of this flashlight.

Approximate lumen rating: 2000 lumens


We Like

  • Decent run time
  • Lifetime warranty
  • High amazing ratings

We Don’t Like

  • Heavily reliant on excellent quality batteries

Why it is suggested:

EdisonBright FENIX TK35 flashlight comes with an advanced feature is the rotary tail switch that’s changed between the 3 mode settings of tactical, outdoor and lockout.


11 – SureFire R1 Lawman Rechargeable

SureFire R1 Lawman Rechargeable Review

SureFire R1 Lawman Rechargeable specially designed for law enforcement that’s include new high output LED, high capacity lithium-ion battery for enhancing runtime with user-programmable head-tail switch.

Approximate lumen rating: 750 lumens high, 150 lumens medium, 15 lumens low

Throw:  normally considered, a hybrid that offers a little of throw and little of the flood.

We Like

  • Durability
  • Dual fuel capable
  • The hybrid between throw and food

We Don’t Like

  • Warranty limited lifetime
  • Battery life is just ok

Why it is suggested:

SureFire R1 Lawman Rechargeable is the 2nd generation of a technology that is starting to come into its own and will prove valuable in the feature; this is a good light for patrols where other ambient environmental light will be able to aid in peripheral vision.


12 – Sunwayman T60CS U2

Sunwayman T60CS U2 Review

Sunwayman T60CS U2 is the high end, high-performance model from Sunwayman with 3*LED max output up to 2100 lumens, its powerful flashlight particularly designed for professionals who need an extremely high performance like searching, hunting, military, etc.

Approximate lumen rating: 2100 lumens

Throw: 372-meter beam distance

We Like

  • Nice specs
  • Smart circuitry

We Don’t Like

  • Price fluctuates often

Why it is suggested:

Sunwayman T60CS U2 utilizing Sunwayman patented soft contact charging system, reliable charging base, user can simply plug and charge very easy and convenient.



Best tactical flashlight with the highest outcomes near about 2000 lumens is only as effective as it can stay on at those levels, the versatility and utility of tactical flashlight extend beyond the functional used in dark rooms to flip a breaker box switch.

There is not only military or police professional where a flashlight is not a standard piece of gear, potential combat profession from security guards to special force where it is not one of the most important pieces of gear, but a grate tactical flashlight is also the kind of must-have kit that’s individual anyone can use today.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q- Which is the best tactical flashlight in the market?

  • Surefire P2X Fury Tactical
  • Steamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL
  • Fenix PD35 TAC
  • Anker LC130 etc.

Q- Why do we use a tactical flashlight?

The various condition arises in your lives that time tactical flashlight very helpful for you such as riding your bicycle at night, walking your dog at night, when you lose the TV remote, emergency situations and identify threats.

Q- Which things to consider before buying tactical flashlight?

  • Light Bulb
  • Brightness
  • Price

Q- A tactical flashlight is legal to own and carry?

Yes, it is carrying them as well as is legal to own.

Q- Can tactical flashlight be used as a Bicycle Headlight?

Yes, we can easily become a bicycle headlight. If you right with the bicycle after sunset that time tactical flashlight is very helpful to you.

Best Pistol Lights

Best Pistol Lights in 2021 – Buyer Guide and Reviews

All type of pistol with light handgun helpful you for properly finding the target without taking away from your capability to take a shot

The variant cause to have a pistol light available is to have the best category’s when it is dark outside, few particular choices to use a flashlight with their gun.

The flashlight on your gun will instantly illuminate an area where your gun is pointing at, this is the very important reason for mounting this accessory on your handgun to see better in the dark area.

Below mention the list every best pistol flashlight available to the mainstream community and feedback on each lights unique ability and utility

Why require a flashlight on my pistol?

The flashlight is required on any pistol is important things because thieves in the night, if you have weapons mounted light carry pistol then its help to identify targets at night, easier to shoot with a weapon light than a handheld, home defense, blind attackers, etc.

Pistol light is helpful in identifying threads is too great to handle, the preparation of using a pistol light puts you in a ready state and helps you make an informed decision related to what the actual thread is and what level of thread it offers.

Best Pistol Lights 2021 Reviews

1 – Dagger Defence DD-SD01

Dagger Defence DD-SD01 Review

Dagger Defence DD-SD01 is a tactical flashlight for use on standard Picatinny rail mounts, grate accessory for tactical with quick detaches mount for Picatinny rails system, Dagger Defence DD-SD01 made of aluminum alloy in a black matte finish, grate accessory for your tactical gun.

We Like

  • 200 lumens, Cree Q5 bulb
  • 1x CR123A battery and quick release mount
  • 1st standard Picatinny rails

We Don’t Like

  • Not made to high-quality standards
  • Not particularly durable

Why Dagger Defence DD-SD01 ?

Dagger Defence DD-SD01 is cost-effective and it does meet the minimum specification of lighting up a room adequately enough to identify risk.


2 – Streamlight 69260 TLR-1

Stream light 69260 TLR-1 Review

This is one of the best tactical lights; it’s easily available on the market today. This provide you with enough light for different activities you can use it for cleaning the room, building an attacker and searching for an alley, etc.

The range of weapons it fits is excellent with good durability and the quality of the manufacturer is very high.

We Like

  • Create using durable material and build to last
  • May be used on both pistols and longer gun
  • 800 lumens

We Don’t Like

  • Switch direction cannot be modified
  • Can feel a bit hot to the touch

Why Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 ?

Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 makes top-quality products with various features like c4 LED and uses a couple of CR123 3-volt battery cells.


3 – Olight Bundle

Olight Bundle Review

Olight Bundle model offers one of the brightest beams in the pistol light section with staggering 1200 lumens help of this beam crystal clear vision of your target.

The low price and high-quality build and potent reachable internal battery and very acceptable 400-lumen brightness with 5 years warranty, makes this a legitimate option

We Like

  • Offers ambidextrous control
  • Made for durable materials for long life
  • Water résistance

We Don’t Like

  • Light does not work with a holster

Why Olight Bundle ?

Olight Bundle it is a unique compartment lock system on its battery hinge, this ensures that the battery doesn’t fall off during an impact accident.


4 – Streamlight 69220 TLR-3

Stream light 69220 TLR-3 Review

Stream light 69220 TLR-3 is compact weapon light is the standard model in the line-up, Stream light also offer this light with a laser.

Light is operated with an ambidextrous switch on the back of the light that can be actuated with your trigger finger or thumb of your support hand.

We Like

  • Very compact
  • Ambidextrous control
  • Provide outstanding performance

We Don’t Like

  • Brightness may not be completely blinding

Why Streamlight 69220 TLR-3 ?

This is a legitimate bargain offering from Streamlight, a leader in this market segment and robust offering and nice quality.


5 – TLR-6 Streamlight

TLR-6 Stream light Review

The variant category is available of the TLR-6 stream light, one is developed for utilized with Springfield Armory XD rails, M&P rails and Clock rails all are make to join with trigger guard and rail of compact and old guns.

We Like

  • Feature both LED light and Red aiming the laser
  • Has both momentary and continuous use mode available

We Don’t Like

  • Some experience issues with light tightening to rail properly

Why TLR-6 Streamlight ?

Long-range targeting is available courtesy of the red laser, IPX4 water resistance testing, this is a good combination device for the Glock pistol range, Streamlight light and laser combination is always a good option.


6 – InForce White LED

InForce White LED Review

InForce White LED brand is upcoming offers with a good quality feature set and decent price points. Is a comparatively lightweight creating a good balance on the gun with the high-density tight beam that’s offer up to 400 lumens of light, the body is made of polymer with glass augmentation.

We Like

  • Versatile light that works in most environments
  • Comes with an ambidextrous switch for easy operation

We Don’t Like

  • Hotspots could be improved on

Why InForce White LED ?

InForce White LED is best for quick target identification through momentary light, it mounted with 1913 or universal rail.


7 – SureFire X300 Ultra LED

SureFire X300 Ultra LED review

SureFire X300 Ultra LED model is stunning and rail mounting system should make it easy to use, the 500 lumens are a good mix of blinding power and high suitability for enclosed spaces so as not to be blind the user of the weapons

We Like

  • Long gun
  • Strong construction
  • Remote activation

We Don’t Like

  • No strobe function
  • Poor customer service

Why SureFire X300 Ultra LED ?

It comes with a lifetime warranty and grates for a replacement you can combine it with the best ear protection for shooting.


8 – Streamlight 69420 Tlr-7

Streamlight 69420 Tlr-7 review

One of the best options for pistol light and the next option from their arsenal is the TRL-7, is a compact light that’s offers 500 lumens and easily mounted onto most handguns.

Light Emitting Diode light utilizes a borofloat huge- temperature glass that resists shock and has a 50000 Hour.

We Like

  • Very lightweight and easy to use
  • Tons of lumens for small light

We Don’t Like

  • Push-button is harder to use than a rocker button

Why Streamlight 69420 Tlr-7 ?

Streamlight 69420 Tlr-7 is one of the less expensive models in the market it makes a good choice for a beginner.


We assume you already have other tactical gear like tactical Tomahawks and Red Dot Sights.

An important factor of a pistol flashlight

A few factors that will help you determine the best pistol light in this era.

1.    Lumens

Lumens are calculated the total amount of visible light from any light source, the higher the lumen count, the brighter the perceived light on the target in the surrounding area.

The lumen counts on this list of products are generally considered to be accurate; this is researchers proven to be true in comparative test to other lights.

2.    Flood vs. Throw

Currently, the flashlight comes with various advance characteristics and dynamic equipment, the very common feature that’s users decide for shopping for the flashlight is the beam pattern type.

Flood is the amount of light that can lack out into the in-between area illuminate a broader angle of the area, best pistol light will be a hybrid normally with the ability in-between to intermediate distance.

3.    Mounts

Every light gun has its own capacity for mounting option, there are a few standards, but no light is 100% versatile and usable over the entire spectrum of mounts and rail.

Quick attaching and detaching structure, equipped with QD cam lock, detach the mount from weapons in seconds, mounting flashlight in 1-inch diameter tube, and come with an Allen key to mount your led light conveniently.

4.    Battery Life

Various light guns use different batteries, all batteries are not equal or the same, some light uses really good batteries, and some are not. Some days the batteries are totally different platform and size number of items on this list use high-quality batteries.


Nowadays, use the weapons or gun in the risky things if you work with firearms today, you must to know there which accessories on the market, some are important things that include the pistol light, it is an affordable accessory that’s improve the utility and range of your firearm gun light make it simple to access a target or danger in front of you, even if it far away, if you regularly need a trusty home defense set up, then a pistol light is a must-have.

In 2021, the market will make a grate option for enhancing the usefulness of your handgun.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q- What is the best Pistol Light available in the market?

  • Steamlight TLR-2 leser choice
  • Surefire X300U used for law enforcement
  • Ozark Armament 500 Lumen pistol right (Budget Option)

Q- Which things to consider before buying Pistol Light?

  • Lumens
  • Light Bulb
  • Brightness
  • price

Q- What is Pistol Light?

Pistol Light is a tactical flashlight that is mounted or connected to your handgun.

Q- Where is Pistol Light manufactured?

Pistol Light manufactured or made by Picatinny rail and Weaver rail.

Q- What are the features of Pistol Light?

  • Offset pistol Light Mount
  • Fast Release pistol light
  • Tactical pistol light Laser combo etc.

Q- How many Lumens should a pistol light?

In a pistol light LED emits up to 600 of white light.

Best Universal Sight Pushers

5 Best Universal Sight Pushers in 2021 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide!

The market is flooded with a lot of sight pushers with specific features, materials and customizations. Despite having so many options, a common question raised by a lot of gun users is ‘which is the best universal sight pusher’. If you have the same doubt then you are at the correct page as this guide will help you in finding the right one for yourself.

The realm of guns is large, it comes with a whole lot of accessories that are used for professional gun users. You get grip extenders, grips, lasers or even flashlights. Then comes the scope which according to many is a significant part of any gun. If you possess long guns, then chances are, you already have some type of sight attachment. But for many, the primary attachment is not sufficient. Some prefer to install a sight on their pistols for increased accuracy. Then it all comes down to which sights to buy?

Owning the best universal sight pusher, you will not have to pay heed when it comes to installing sights. It will help you with adjustments and will demand minimal efforts. So explore these 5 topmost universal sight pushers and check whether they’ll satisfy your requirements.

Top 5 Best Universal Sight Pushers 2021 Reviews

#1. Sylvan Universal Sight Pusher Tool

Sylvan Universal Sight Push Tool PURSHER for Handguns Pistols

For people who are easily affected by sights and need to remove or adjust them, certain devices are crucial features. Sylvan Universal Sight Pusher Tool is one that can be called the best universal Sight Pusher as it is made for customer’s satisfaction rather than just to create profits. One of its notable features is the use of aluminum metal, which possesses all the essential qualities to make it outstanding. Because i

of its presence, permanency is maintained as it prevents any rust information. The frame is built from steel, which bears all the pressure. The sturdiness and toughness enable it to operate flawlessly. Moreover, it is lighter than other elements.  Although you can’t remove sights but adjust it either by pushing or replacing them. It is suitable for every model if it aspires to see an effective result.

In addition to that, if you are thinking of removing the ‘snake eye’ type sight, then this gadget is the best option. Not like the better ones aren’t there, but the raised prices won’t let you but them. You get all the basic elements packed inside a cushioned bag to keep those safe, and it cuts the chances of losing. The padding will help in keeping the blocks scratch-free.


  • The ‘snake eye’ sight removal pusher is available.
  • You can use the padding to protect the blocks from scratches.
  • All the tools can be kept inside the bag and easily ported.
  • The aluminum body keeps the set rust-free.


  • It is challenging to set up the tool with each block


#2. Handgun Sight Pusher Tool

Sight Pusher Tool by Sight Master

If you wish to give your best shot then you need to have all the accessories of the gun in shape. The Handgun Sight Pusher Tool is a great and flawless element to be used by all the models of firearms. It is compact in size which is a great advantage as you can carry it anywhere with ease. Because if it’s the aluminum layered body, it’s durability is confirmed. The use of aluminum means a coating of the resistant surface to guard the object against corrosion. It is light in weight and the frames are stronger and fully reliable. The setting of this device is easy and effortless.

Moreover, all four sides tightly grasp the gun without keeping any gap. You don’t need any additional blocks.


  • It can withstand high pressure..
  • The pressure is evenly distributed while removing holding the gun.
  • You won’t require a manual.
  • The aluminum body means its corrosion-resistant ability.


  • It is expensive


#3. Wheeler Engineering Armorer’s Handgun Sight Tool

Wheeler Engineering Armorer’s Handgun Sight Tool

If you wish to feel like a professional shooter, then this best universal sight pusher is just the right pick for you. It is innovative with exclusive design. With this tool, you won’t simply change the sights of the handgun but also of semi-auto pistols. You can rotate the prong entirely and switch the sight. In addition to that, this can hold Glock slides.

It possesses large adjustable wheels that assure the slightest changes in the sight as there are chances you might lose your target. Moreover, it is also easier to turn the wheel. In this you get the option to alter both the front and rear sights as the wheels make the rotation of the rod effortless due to its surface. For great and secured operation, it has a clam on its top as safety should be acknowledged.

The steel components help in maintaining its robustness. Furthermore, the importance of the aluminum frame can’t be eschewed due it’s resistive quality. The best part about this is it is light in weight and highly portable.


  • The exterior design is extravagantly beneficial for easy use.
  • Your slightest sight problems can be solved.
  • As a result of clamps, the slides do not get slipped.
  • Maintenance of it has become more accessible.


  • The pressure driven by the wheeler is comparatively less.


#4. ATG Patch and NcSTAR Sight Pusher Tool

ATG Patch and NcSTAR Sight Pusher Tool

Every tool comes with its own features and facilities, it’s up to you which properties you prefer for your gun sight corrections to grant you satisfaction. If you are short on time to roam around the market and observe each product, you can pick ATG Patch and NcSTAR Sight Pusher Tool, which is brimmed with necessities.

The specific alterations have made it unique, it has a base platform to adjust the height as you cannot take it inside the tool if the upper block is too compact for the size of the gun. You can rotate the rear sight pusher to 90° or 30° to adjust the sights as per your requirement. The larger screws with smooth surfaces are just fine. Two sides of this are open with no walls. From each side, you can fix the position of your gun.

Having said that, the device functions smoothly and excellently with all types of handguns. It offers great help to those who use semi-auto pistols. The sturdiness of this can be confirmed from the steel tools. Moreover, it is your duty to keep the appliance safe but sometimes you tend to fail. In order to confirm your safety, you can stabilize it on any platform by clamping it.


  • It can be used for semi-auto pistols.
  • The height adjustment platform has made gun placement convenient and comfortable
  • Highly durable


  • It is heavy.


#5. Sight Pusher Tool by Sight Master T1003 

Sight Pusher Tool by Sight Master T1003 

The Sight Pusher Tool by Sight Master T1003 very well knows how to impress people. A notable fact that keeps you attached to any product is its versatility. This device is designed to adjust the sights of all kinds of handguns. Its specific facility does not require any certain amendments for holding different types of guns. Thus indicating you do not have to purchase multiple tools for more accessible ways of solving this problem.

Other than that, the product will never disappoint you when it comes to its durability. A significant element in this is steel, which is crucial for confirming survivability. Steel is used to make it more tough and long-lasting. It’s sturdiness and sustainability make it stand apart from others. Both front and rear sights can go through adjustments. The bolts and screws incorporated are large enough to offer a quick solution. You’ll also find wings to operate it conveniently. Due to its sharp and smooth series of threads, the screws can be easily moved in and out.


  • The driven pressure is sufficient for the accomplishment of the task.
  • All types of handguns can assure a place inside this tool.
  • You will be astonished by its durability.
  • Large bolts are necessary for effective results.


  • It might take time to do the setup


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What Is A Universal Sight Pusher?

The purpose of a sight pusher is to make adjustments to your scope so that it can easily adapt to your arsenal. It is not at all complicated, and using it is quite easy. The sight pusher is a metallic fixture that permits you to adapt the scope to several models of guns. We’ll recommend you to go with the one that is universal.

Q.2 Are All Sight Pushers the Same?

Not every device is manufactured in the same way, neither do they function similarly. The product of one brand will definitely differ from the other brand in terms of quality, materials and features. Pay heed to this, otherwise, you’ll end up wasting your money on the less suitable product.

Q.3 What are the things to consider while purchasing the best universal sight pusher?

A universal sight pusher is sure a simple tool but it definitely comes with specific features that you should keep in mind while purchasing one for yourself. Here are some aspects that you must consider while buying the best universal sight pusher:

  • Universality: obviously, universal sight pushers are supposed to work with any guns or sights. But it is not always what the case is. Nothing is absolutely universal, especially when it comes to a subject as vast as firearms. So you need to make sure that the tool you are purchasing will definitely work with what you own.
  • Ease of use: the main purpose of the sight pusher is to make the job of ‘adjusting’ easier, but if the tool itself is not easy to operate then it is of no use. You should always consider this factor, as the device that demands minimal effort on your part is the one that is appropriate for you.
    • Durability: it is a common need while making any purchase, and a universal sight pusher is no exception. Buying a product that promises longevity is crucial if you want the best value. If you are thinking of skimping onto the budget by getting a cheaper device, it might break after a few uses. In such a case, you’ll end up spending more rather than saving.
  • Materials incorporated: be sure that the pusher you are getting is made from high-quality materials. Stainless-steel is one excellent choice as it confirms durability. Try to avoid plastics.
  • Safety: make sure the pusher is safe enough to use around the gun. As you will be making adjustments to your scope, the device should be a top product.

Q.4 How to Use A Universal Sight Pusher?

Using a universal sight pusher is a simple process. All you need to do is prepare the slide by wrapping it with a cloth to guard it. Then, you place the slide between the blocks in alignment with the sight. Now tighten and secure the clamp with the scope. You can also take the help of a wrench to turn the bolt that adjusts your sight.


A sight pusher is a crucial tool to have in your arsenal if you own guns. This allows you to attach any scope to the weapon of your convenience and gives you ample options to customize your firearms. The aforementioned list of five best universal sight pushers in the market will surely give you the most value for your money. We hope our reviews and guidelines helped you in finding the most suitable sight pusher for yourself.