Gun Safes: A comprehensive review of the Manufacturers

Gun Safes: A comprehensive review of the Manufacturers

Although many governments have made it mandatory to use gun safes to store your firearms, even if it is not a must in your area, storing guns in a gun safe is the best idea you can have while pondering over the safest place of storage.

Going by the book, gun safes are nothing but safes specifically designed to store firearms and related equipment to prevent unauthorized persons from laying their hands on those potentially dangerous kinds of stuff. A gun safe also protects your expensive guns and ammunitions from natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, or even human-induced disasters like fire.

Why use a gun safe?

Using a gun safe to store a firearm has numerous advantages, as touched in the previous paragraphs. First and foremost, it prevents unauthorized access to the weapons, which, if gone to the wrong hands, might take a life, intentionally or unintentionally. So, you are covered for that. Secondly, your guns are safe from calamities; no small force will break the solid case, saving your few thousand bucks. Other uses are:

  • You also don’t need to hide the guns from potential theft as most of the safes come with live locking bolt technology, which prevents the forceful access to the safe. That saves your weapon to be used against you for burglary.
  • Owning a gun comes under a relatively luxurious category. In your attempt to keep the gun out of sight, you will hide it somewhere in your house, but some safes allow them to be displayed from outside. Your prized metalwork now is shining gloriously in front of your visitors without you having to look after its security.
  • Well, showing off might not be in your comfort zone. Nor you want to keep the Safe in front of curious pairs of eyes of your little family members. Gun Safe manufacturers are quite well-acquainted with that and also manufactures safes that contain false wall and hinges attached to them. Intruders will now only see a wall, unaware of the weapon that is stored behind it.
  • For any product, the utility is one of the most important things. You might need to store the gun under your bed, besides the bed, inside the cabinet, behind a mirror, in a vehicle, or even in some other places. Gun safes of various safes and sizes will cater to your need. Manufacturers produce gun safes of many shapes and sizes, to be used depending upon the favorable storage space of the customer.

Which companies produce the best gun safes?

In the market, there are hundreds of companies producing gun safes all over the world. But before buying a gun safe keep in mind that you are using it to store an item of a few thousand dollars in it. And to trust a safe with such a large amount of money, it needs to roll out of a prominent safe producing company.

Here, we will discuss the ten best safe producing companies in some details.

  1. Winchester Safes

Winchester SafesAlthough Winchester was established in 1866, they began manufacturing safes from 1991. Being in the industry for an extended period, Winchester has specialized itself in making gun safes. They produce all kinds of safes like gun safes, tactical safes, handgun safes along with accessories such as dehumidifier, pistol rack, and barrel rest to name a few. Long story short, Winchester provides you everything you need to store your guns and accessories safely with the quality being on par; that too, without costing you an arm and a leg. Winchester provides you fire protection as well as burglary protection alongside giving you a lifetime warranty and replacement guarantee.

  1. Liberty Safes

Liberty Safes

The manufacturer Liberty is known for its innovation and world-class technology used in their safes to give you a sense of peace as you put your guns inside the safe and lock it down, knowing that no one except you can get access to what is inside. Quality is not at all compromised while making the safes, and that’s precisely the reason why Liberty offers you a lifetime warranty against break-in attempts and fire outbreaks. Gun safes manufactured by Liberty contains the maximum fire withstand capacity: starting from Centurion with a time of 30 minutes to Presidential with a maximum in-fire time of 2.5 hours, giving an idea of their quality.

  1. Cannon Safes

Cannon Safes

Canon Safes are in the safe making business from 1965, making it one of the oldest companies currently doing business in the market. They manufacture rifles and gun safes along with accessories such as silica gel dehumidifier, gun saver dehumidifier, door panel pistol kit, and many more.  Cannon safes are available in all shapes and sizes to perfectly accommodate your guns and their accessories and are secured with a mechanical locking system.

  1. GunVault


GunVault is best known for its advanced technological features in its safes, specifically speaking, the No-Eyes Keypad for secure and quick access of the authorized. Apart from the technology, GunVault also provides a set of 2 backup keys in case you mess up with the electrical systems of the safe. As an added security feature, the safes have a temper resistant locking system, which makes it near impossible to break in and steal the items inside. Established in 1990, GunVault focuses on building strong and sturdy safes, and as a form of customer satisfaction, also provides a 5-year warranty on all its products.

  1. Sturdy Safe

The safes rolling out of Sturdy Safe have fire insulation because of the 2300-degree ceramic wool fire inside the safe, which prevents the guns from getting damaged. The safes have fewer linkage parts, which reduce the possibility of getting broken at the edges. Sturdy Safe is one of the few companies which make customizable safes: the design is yours; the specification is yours; the attachments are of your choice, but the material is theirs, and together you can give yourself a safe you always desired for.

  1. Stack-On Safes


Founded in 1972 by a parent company based in Chicago named Alpha Guardian, Stack-On has specialized in making compact gun safes. They produce a variety of safes named Premier Safes, Stack-On safes, Elite safes, and Total Defense safes, to name a few. Their compact safes are a massive success in the market and pertain to the need of those gun owners not having a lot of space in their houses. With various accessories to purchase from Stack-On, you can buy a complete package for storing guns and accessories without worrying much about the price. Also, they provide you a five years warranty on their products, so you know you know that they have got you covered.

  1. SentrySafe


SentrySafe has been in the market since 1930, so while purchasing something from them, you know that the company has had a long history of happy customers, and you are going to be one of them. SentrySafe is an American Company, a flagship of the reputed John D. Brush & Co., and deals in safes to be used in homes, offices, or to store weapons. All the safes of SentrySafe are fire-resistant and waterproof, keeping the guns inside safe from both rust and heat damage.

  1. Honeywell


All the gun enthusiasts must have heard the name Honeywell at least once in their lives because Honeywell is arguably the most popular gun safe manufacturing company in the world. It manufactures safes to be used in homes and offices. Honeywell safes are compact, have tight security, and are built with the best quality raw materials. The customers have an option to choose from either a mechanical lock or a digital pin lock system, depending on their needs and budget. Honeywell’s handgun safes are among the hot-selling products in the market because of their compact look and sleek design.

  1. Hamilton Safe

Hamilton Safe

Established in 1967, Hamilton Safe sells gun safes of all shapes and sizes and accessories to provide a complete package to the customers. The thick-walled doors, the improvised security system, the design, and the resistance against natural and artificial forces make them a must buy. Available in all shapes and sizes, you are bound to get attracted by the features that these safes have without having to worry much about the cost. You might have to pay more for the best one, but surely, you will not regret your choice later. Theses safes are indeed what is meant by “made to last generations.”

  1. Rhino Metals, Inc

Rhino Metals, Inc

Rhino Metals, Inc. is an American company founded in 1995 by Don Suggs and specializes in making gun safes. Rhino Metals have a wide range of collections in their stores of various shapes and sizes as per the gun and the needs of the owner. The products of Rhino Metals are affordable without affecting quality. Their collection includes Ironworks Gun Safe, Rhino Gun Safe, and Kodiak Gun Safe, giving the Liberty to the customers to choose from a wide range of products.

These were some of the best manufacturers producing world-class gun safes supplying throughout the world. As told earlier, guns are best stored in gun safes, make a little more investment, and buy a perfect one for your choice. The extra money spends on the safe will surely pay off when you see your contemporaries throw away the broken guns, and yours remain as smooth as a new.