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Myths About Gun Safe Theft Protection

Gun safe makers or manufacturing companies make many claims about the security that offers their products, how many of those are true?

There are several times when half of their claims fall flat. Can you trust them completely? I am sure you are in a state of high dilemma.

To rescue you from falling in the trap of over the top advertising that few companies do, I have gathered a few facts that will break the myths about gun safe myths and will disclose the truth about them. This article enlights you on how these gun safes sometimes fail to stand strong against robbers. So stay tuned and read the whole article and you will get a reality check how much gun safes truly worth your cash.

1. All gun safes provide the same protection: Well, this is the most common myth and misconception among people that all gun safes offer you similar kind of protection from any damage. Sorry to break you thinking, it is a myth. Just because several manufacturing companies are expert in providing safety to guns that do not mean all of them are equal.

2. All gun safe guarantees protections: Well, this another myth that people have that all gun safes give you protection, but the truth is they do not, no gun safe can assure you 100% security. However, there are plenty of steps that can minimize the risks.

But there are various gun safes with great features that can provide safety and also offer you the authority to give access to only those people you can trust. For that, you can buy electronic or an electronic/manual combo type gun safe which will be fireproof and heavy in nature. A biometric gun safe is ideal in today’s risky world but you have to make sure to wipe the fingerprint scanner after every use to maintain the safety. And don’t forget to check the safety features of gun safes before purchasing them.

3. Thicker the walls and better it will protect: This can be true but not all times, it totally depends on what type of quality and metal door your gun safe has. For that safe guns need to fulfill the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standard. This kind of information is included in the product description. So you need to check it carefully and if the gun safe does not fulfill this standard, then the product is not safe for you. It is not mandatory that all gun safe possess steel construction. Instead, some companies use thin and low-cost metal sheets to make the gun safe doors.

4. Burglaries only occur in the night: Well, if you think that night and dark time are the only hours when the risks of robbery and illegal activities in your home are high, then you are among disillusioned people. There are many instances when burglaries have happened in broad daylight. So you need to get rid of this myth as soon as possible otherwise it can lead to trouble. Many criminals break-in during afternoons when the active family members are away from home or in their office and workplace.

5. Gun safes protect your weapon from every damage: There are several gun safes that offer you fire and water-resistance and protect your weapons from catching fire and thievery etc, but not all of them serve the same purpose. Several safes and gun cabinets are of bad quality and can rust easily or get some serious damage if set on fire. Gun safes can not protect weapons from natural disasters such as earthquakes and heavy storms.

6. There is no requirement to bolt a gun safe: This most common myth that people have about gun safes which can lead you in danger. If your gun safe is heavy in nature that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bolt it down. Three or four thieves together or can lift the safe in case of a house break-in. Every thief comes with a truck and tools, so always bolt the safe to keep your weapons safe.

7. Everyone chooses electronic safes over manual ones: In the modern era of technology, everyone’s dependence on electronic locks has increased but saying that they are safer than the manual one is not true and is a misconception. The electronic safes will stop working once the main power supply is cut off, which can put your weapon in danger and criminals take advantage of the situation. Also, these safes are not shockproof and fire-resistant.

8. Loud alarms mean extra security: Well, in most cases security alarms are always considered as a good security option, but sometimes it can fool you like anything. Hence you can not completely rely on them. Thieves know many tricks and have tools that can turn off security alarms without even getting caught. The electronic gun safes alarm system might be damaged or disabled for a while using thin telephonic wires etc.

9. Criminals have fear of gun safes: Well, we all know that criminals do not fear anything, taking them for granted because you have installed a gun safe at your house turned out to be a big mistake and costs you thousands of money and lead you in trouble. Gun safes can only scare amateur thieves, which is also true to a certain extent. But a professional thief can rob your weapons no matter what you have put in. So do not take it granted and clear your misconception.

10. Can store loaded guns in the safe: Storing loaded guns in your gun safe is a bad decision to make and also very dangerous as it can fall into the hands of criminals and can put the lives of you and your loved ones in danger. Also, sometimes you can face unpleasant consequences like what if somehow a loaded gun gets in the hands of children. So never store your loaded guns anywhere.


One of the biggest mistakes that new gun safe owners make is thinking that it offers you complete security. It does not, so you have to take all precautions because if robbery happened with you, one can lose a big amount of money. I hope this article helps you to differentiate between myth and reality, so one needs to be extra careful when it comes to storing a weapon at your home.  All is said and done, gun safes offer security to all your weapons but at the same time you need to be alert by yourself too and in that way, you can minimize the robbery. So take your complete time and be extremely careful while purchasing the best gun safe for protecting your weapons from theft.