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The Ruger SR22 Pistol Reviews – Drawbacks, Benefits & Best Features!

Ruger SR22

When it comes to picking a pistol for oneself, then you must look for the best available options. Because no matter how good of a shooter you are, if the equipment is less reliable then you don’t have any option but to lose. Therefore it is recommended to find the best .22 pistol for yourself. In this article, we intend to provide a better set of insights about them as well as Ruger SR22 pistol reviews. So read on to explore all about the .22 pistols and make your call accordingly.

Things To Consider While Buying .22 Pistols

The Ruger SR22 is a .22 long-range pistol, but before buying any .22 pistol you must know what to look for. Usually, it is easy to estimate the overall quality of a pistol. But scammers are commonly seen and spotted, so you need to be extra careful while picking a pistol for yourself.

1 Durability – we can’t stress how crucial the factor of durability is, it is verified by a good exterior and a strong interior. The majority of the pistols include a polymer blend exterior frame. Even the internal barrel includes nickel or some other alloys.

2 Ergonomic Design – if it’s easy to use, then it’s absolutely worth it. We found the Ruger is a relatively easy gun to fire from. But one can’t say the same about all other .22 handguns.

3 Portability – getting a handgun that can be used for concealed carry is a significant plus factor. Most people love to keep their handguns by their side at all times. If you wish to use it for concealed carry then look for its portability.

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Ruger SR22 Pistol Review

What’s worth mentioning about Ruger SR22? Is it the gorgeous exterior? Or the stunning matte finish? Or is it the fine accuracy in shots? Perhaps it’s the Picatinny style rail at the end that can hold onto anything. Actually you know what? It’s a whole lot more!

The Ruger SR22 is a long-range pistol invented by Sturm, Ruger & Co. The fun itself is not your average .22 handgun, it features a 3.5-inch stainless steel barrel with a black matte finish exterior. The slide offers a reinforced aluminum construction while the frame includes a black polymer sight.

A noticeable feature about the Ruger SR22 is the capability of concealed carry. It weighs only slightly more than 17 ounces and will fight inside your waist belt or fanny pack. We will recommend this for single action shooting but not for double action usage.


  • Short barrel length
  • Lightweight
  • Best for concealed carry
  • Accurate for informal shooting
  • Flawless design
  • Blunt force
  • Easy to field strip


  • Harder to shoot
  • Not open for customization
  • Not recommended for double-action shooting

Remarkable Features

1. Concealed Carry 

This means to carry the gun in public without bringing it to anyone’s notice. You can easily carry handguns and pistols inside the waistbands and holsters. Not all .22 pistols and firearms are fit for concealed carry. But the Ruger SR22 is a perfect device for carrying in public. Its barrel length is 3.50 inches and the overall length is 6.40 inches. It makes for the best candidate for concealed carry.

2. Lightweight 

It weighs around 17.5 ounces, so you don’t need to bother about putting it into your belt. With a holster, you can pull out the Ruger and use it for self-defense or in case of emergencies.

It is strongly recommended for differently-abled persons or for those who can’t carry heavier guns. It is certainly much easier to operate than its 5-inch counterparts. A majority of the people can’t take the full force of the recoil from heavier guns so a smaller gun like Ruger SR22 is ideal for them. It’s suitable for stick-holders too.

3. Accuracy 

The Ruger SR22 pistol reviews are incomplete if we don’t appreciate it’s accuracy. When tested, the Ruger gave tremendously accurate results from five yards away. Upon pushing the target for 15 yards the pistol is still pretty amazing, although it might seem a little offset.

One can easily correct the offset using a simple screwdriver, if you’re unsure how to then we recommend you consult a gun dealer.

Even at the distance of 20 yards, the accuracy is just fine. You can shoot single-handedly up to a certain distance

4. Sight System 

The Ruger SR22 uses a three-dot sight system that is open for adjustments. The front sight is a fixed white-dot sight, and the rear sight can be moved fully. The blades on the sights are reversible and when shooting the sights, crosshairs are a crucial aiming tool.

Purchasing a handgun with adjustable sight means that you can change your field of vision and get a more clean shot.

5. Finish & Frame 

The finish and frame make-up of a handgun is the most crucial factor that influences the performance. If we talk about the Ruger SR22 pistol reviews then expect some ultimate performance standards. The main grip of the Ruger is created with a polymer blend, it means you get both resilience and a clear matte finish.

The blade of the gun possesses an anodized black finish, which adds more to its handsome appearance. The outside is jet black and soaked in a matte finish, while the interior is utter silver. We specifically loved the ergonomic design of the trigger. Alternatively, the trigger is hard to pull during double-action shooting. But for any single action shooting, we will definitely suggest the SR22 to you.

6. Cleaning & Stripping

We know cleaning and stripping a handgun can be a tedious task. Field stripping is the gun that needs to be feasible to disassemble. Assembling and reassembling the Ruger SR22 is just easy. It’s more like an effortless job, we recommend you to use a cotton swab to clean the interiors.

If you are thinking of using a typical cleaning solvent, then the Ruger will work fine.

7. Customization 

This feature intends to offer things with a personal factor. Just like other handguns from Ruger, Ruger SR22  features a Picatinny rail. This can be used to hold almost everything, from flashlights to extra sights and even gear aiming.

But, the exterior of this is too limited. You can’t attach anything else to the rail. Even the reliability of the rail itself is questionable. So the customization of the S22 is not something we’d like to stress upon but it can be great for small equipment.

Overall Opinions and Impressions

When it comes to buying a product, one needs to look at what other users have to say about it. We tried to stay as neutral as we could and after a close analysis of multiple Ruger SR22 pistol reviews, it seems that a major chunk of the users is happy with it. It looks like most people had a good gun that won’t jam while some said that it jammed after a few months.

Most users were happy to hold and the triggers were easy to operate, we didn’t reach much about double-action use. The system is easy to clean too. Most of the customers who reviewed the Ruger SR22 pistol agreed that it was extremely easy to field strip and maintain. Even it’s cleaning process was easy and convenient.

In our opinion, the conclusion of the Ruger SR22 pistol reviews rates it to be 8 out of 10. For the overall appearance, style, handy, and gorgeous look. Its grip is both string, sturdy and the pistol fits perfectly into the hand.

Regarding the portability, we actually liked the concealed carry capability. The short barrel length and the lightweight feature makes it all the more suitable for concealed use. We strongly recommend this to people with different abilities or those who can’t handle much weight.

Apart from that, we will restrict it from using it in double-action shooting as the trigger is hard to pull and the reliability decreases. As much as we loved the singek action use we will never recommend it for double-action shooting.

If you’re thinking to purchase the Ruger SR22, be sure to get it at a reasonable value. Don’t forget to avail a return policy wherever you can.


Having said all that, if you’re looking for the most ideal and most portable handgun, then the Ruger SR22 pistol reviews are sufficient to declare it is the best-concealed carry weapon. This is our most favored handgun for recreational shooting and for self-defense.

If you still need to clear any confusion then get back to us for the same. Don’t forget to tell us what you specifically think of the Ruger SR22 pistol post using it.