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Safety on the Move with a Car Gun Safe

So where do you keep your firearm when you are out and about? If you don’t like leaving it at home the answer is a car gun safe. If you own a gun, you probably know that it is illegal to bring your gun onto a certain property. For example, you are probably breaking the law if you bring your gun into a post office or the secure area of an airport.

Car Gun Safe

There are various types of gun safes for cars on the market, some of which you attach to your car by mounting it in the interior of the car, for example, the trunk and others that use a security cable. It really depends on how often you travel with your gun as to which you prefer. Do think about how you are going to take your gun off and store it in your car gun safe without making it look very obvious though.

You should buy a sturdy gun safe for your car so that it protects the contents if you hit a bump or have an accident when driving. You need to apply gun safety when storing the weapon as you don’t want it going off accidentally inside the safe.

If you are going to leave your firearm in the car gun safe for any length of time, you should fit a dehumidifier as guns are liable to rust. Some automobile gun safes will come with one built-in addition to a courtesy light and a fitted alarm. But if your gun safe doesn’t have one, a rod-type humidifier is inexpensive and easy to install.

There are many different styles to choose from but when making your choice you need to think about access as well as security. Obviously the idea is to keep the gun away from the wrong hands but you may end up in a situation where you need quick access, not ideal if your vehicle gun safe is difficult or cumbersome to open. But remember that you should weigh up accessibility against security. Regardless of which model you buy, be sure that it has more than one lock. A double lock is a minimum as otherwise, it will not be a sufficient deterrent to would-be thieves. You can choose from models with either combination or key locks or perhaps a mixture of both!

Not just firearm you can store other valuables also. If you drive a large car and carry more than one gun at a time, you may want to invest in a couple of gun safe holsters so that the guns aren’t rubbing off each other or the other contents of the safe when you travel. Also, it will pay to shop around for the best deals in gun safes. Some people will want to buy a recognized brand such as a Smith and Wesson gun safe or a Glock gun safe while others will just want the best they can get for the budget they have to spend.

Some car gun safes are small enough to carry around with you if you wanted to carry one in your briefcase or handbag. They are made from heavy-duty steel so don’t let the fact that they are portable put you off. Think of it as a mini portable bank vault. These smaller gun safes are ideal for storing one revolver or a semi-automatic as they fit just about anywhere including under the seat of your car. It is much easier to remove your gun and store it under the seat without attracting attention then it is to have to get out of the car, open a safe in the trunk and place your gun in there. You can even bring this type of safe on most airlines although it is best to check each airline’s policy before you travel. Be sure that whichever car gun safe you buy, if it comes with a key lock that you get two copies of the key just in case you lose one.

Please don’t consider a gun safe for your car to be a luxury item. Car gun safes are not expensive although the price will obviously depend on the model you choose to buy. Certainly, if you buy a biometric car gun safe it will be more expensive than a portable one, but with models starting around the $30 you have no excuse. Given the penalties that could be imposed if your gun is found not correctly stored, you only have yourself to blame if you carry your firearm with you in the car and you decide that you don’t need a car gun safe.