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6 Spots For Quick & Humane Hunts Strategies For Beginners And How To Improve At Where To Shoot A Deer.

The main aim of every hunter its hit the deer at the best place for that you must know the deer part to shoot and get it down quickly.

There is no magical way for killing deer at the single perfect shot, which means for fast killing deer there are various parts for you can shoot.

That means some are the most important and prime parts you shoot for better outcomes.

#1 Anatomy Lessons

Anatomy Lessons 

Before the hunting of deer, you first need to educate or proper training as well as analysis on it. You are very surprised by knowing some true facts related to deer its heart is so far forward and very sensitive in hard cavity than another body part.

Craig Boddington’s Book is one of the most helpful resources for the American hunter.

Various helpful tools for range for a life-size target for your selected game with various internal analyses drawn onto the target such as

Simply, if you seeing for semi-permanent ways of training that is MK Machining it creates a good line of water-jet cut AR steel target with life-size deer.

You must learn or analysis various factor such as  Airway, Breathing, Circulation, etc. in your read cross first Aid class, when you harm or damage any of the same systems on a deer with the help of bullet and the final result is a deer dead

The breathing system is main body part in the lungs if you are targeting the lungs or damage it after that oxygen level feels hurt and that time oxygen follow are not reaching the brain then all body system or functionality begins to die.

If you think about circulation, the heart power or straight needs to pump freshly or continuously oxygen flow to the brain and other body parts, if you attack or damage the heart then pumping efficiency drops and at the last, the animal will die.

When you analyze various hunting scenes for hunting on the heart or lung area is very sensitive and outcomes in a quick death

Various body parts of deer suddenly give the result or cause brain and spinal Column. The all-time brain controls the whole body, harmful damage from a brain that means it’s very fast death.

Another way the spinal column is transferred all the instructions from the brain to various parts of the body if that’s instructions are disrupted then all body functionalities or activities are disabled or going to stop and its causes of death the deer quickly.

Deer heart, brain and spine is a very smaller body part that’s why it is most critical or hard to hit them properly for that you need to more analysis and practice for shooting.

# 2 Where to hit a deer?

  1. Shot placement

This is happening to all shooter at some point in his hunting life or carrier, they stroke a deer with a poor shot after that’s it’s hard to improve and unable to search the deer, losing a deer is a shocking condition and caused untold sleepless nights for hunters.

If you are hunting the deer that time you must be alert, you are not confident to shoot the deer Lungs and Heat then you avoid hitting and save your shot for future.

When you hunting the dear

  1. Broadside shot

Shot placement
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Broadside angles are helpful a good shot for the gun, heart and lung is key zone is presented in full, normally every deer will stand accurately broadside to you and onside front leg stepped forward this is the best shot.

If you are hit the deer you need to remember related to lung and heart shots after the hitting the less blood you are likely to see on the ground fast. The hole of the lung is big on the body. If you want to make a better hit then you concentrate and find out where the deer is run. Aim your AR rifle for the broadside shot.

  1. Quartering to Shot

This is a comfort shot for any gun hunter, pressing numerous target its mostly target on neck or front of the shoulder. This angle the heart and lung parts are mostly protected with the help of the front shoulder and decided aim to spot just behind it.

Be aware, sometimes you use a heavyweight rifle that time your bullet pay probe thought to stomach.

  1. Quartering away shots

Quartering away is can be better shot for that you required a bullet and cartridge able to better tapping. You see a softball hanging in the centre of the deer chest when deer is near to you.

Consider that you are standing at the front deer and look that time you are the 6 position and deer is stand broadside that time its noise at the 3 and its tail at the 9 position. Quartering away shot makes for the good angle that’s strike the internal parts.

At the shooting time deer is coming on straight line then its good shot.

  1. Texas heart shot

Texas heart shotThis is very hard shoot in that’s deer walking or pass directly away from you that time shot right at the base of the tail if the deer is on place or level you can be very helpful. Use your best AR scope for aiming for the heart of the deer.

If you are hit the deer you keep in mind deer heart location is the very week area of its chest cavity but, the heart is the very small target to proper hitting other side heart is more sensitive and causes of instant death for massive blood loss.

  1. Headshots

HeadshotsIf you hitting the deer head then you must know the few factor Heads is a very small target like heart, it’s hard to perfect target for hunters, perfect brain shots if you are using heavy bullets, at the time of headshot you must use small frangible bullets.

Brain is always the best part of hit the deer, you are bow hunter then you are do not try this shot and if you want to hunt deer head then do it only when the deer is resting, sleeping and relaxing mood.

  1. Neck and spine shot

Neck and spine shotFew hunters feel that’s neck shot on deer is wrong, others feel this is the correct shot to hit the deer.

If you have shot the deer on its neck area that time its blood supply for the brain is stopped, it is cut the deer spinal cord rendering and deer are going to shock and die it. Use your red dot sight for aiming at neck.

Before you hutting the deer in the neck area, you will have more practices and training with the help of diagrams or demo structure of deer.


Using the right gun and bullet, shooter is one of the better hit placements for deer, there are various choices related to the accurate or right spot where to hit a deer, very body parts have its advantages as well as limitations it is depending on your skillset, analysis, weapons selection and shooting experiences you may select right kill zone to achieve quick and hard killing shot.