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Things That You Must Know About the Gun Safes

If you are about to buy your first gun safe, then it is necessary to know a few things which will aid you in taking a smart decision. Just like any other market the gun safes space is full of choices, but the below-mentioned points will be of great use to you, no matter the place you are buying and the price range.

Size matters

When it comes to gun safety, you should be aware of the specific dimensions of your rifle. Anything smaller than your weapon would be of no use, and your guns will stumble in something extra-large. As per our experts, you must be buying a safe that is slightly bigger than your guns which will not only hold them nicely but will also have room for other important stuff.  One should note that a gun safe should be a onetime buy. You don’t want to go to a vendor every year to buy a new piece.

A majority of the gun safes are modular units with various vaults to keep ammunition and different sized weapons. Some safes can be inserted inside a car or a closet as per your requirement.

Consider the weight

Another important aspect of buying a gun safe is its weight. A more massive gun safe is a lot harder to move and steal from. On the other hand, a lighter safe can be hanged on the wall where accessing the guns is not easy for thieves.

Again, make sure to consult an architect before buying the largest safe in the market as your wall and roofs are not meant to manage super heavy objects. People who regularly change their house must go for a lighter gun safe.

Look out for its features

Gun safe producing companies provide a variety of features that range from heat resistance to unique designs. It helps you choose the best make and model as per your requirements.

Safe developers also provide key lock boxes and numerous other accessories to lure in the customer.

Typically, gun safes made to hold handguns come with a trigger lock to prevent accidental damage and to stop children from firing the gun.

Steel thickness matters

Drilling is the most commonly used method by thieves for accessing the insides of a safe. You must invest in a gun safe that has a smaller gauge and thicker steel. Any quality gun safe must have 11-gauge steel in its body.

Anything less would be too easy for burglars to drill in. A thicker body will need more efforts that will discourage the thief and provide you enough time to take action.

things you should know about the gun safes

Fire protection is a priority

Fire protection becomes a top priority when it comes to gun safes. You should always take note of the fire rating available with the dealers. This rating provides information about the safe’s resistance towards the fire as X number of Minutes at Y amount of Fahrenheit.  It is advised that you should consider a safe which can protect your guns for at least 60 minutes.

You must also know that safes focused on fire protection are less efficient in preventing a burglary. You must find a safe that works for both the prospects.


The market is full of exotic looking high-end gun safes which work the same as the cheaper ones if not any better.  It merely means that the cost of a gun safe has no considerable effect on its quality.  You must look for features and protection instead of buying something fancy.  Buying a gun safe is a kind of investment and should not be treated as a luxury.


Just like other things you buy, looking at the warranty is a must. You should carefully read the fine print as it usually contains the most important details. Usually, the warranty extends to the first year of sale. Most of the gun safe dealers provide offers to extend the warranty period.

It is safer to go for an option with a lifetime warranty as a gun safe is a significant investment, and one does not aspect it to have malfunctions again after just a year.

These are the most important aspects to look out for a while purchasing a gun safe. Recently, we have also come across biometric gun safes which are easier to use and are also quite reliable. The choice is entirely yours but always remember- safety must come first.