Top 10 facts about biometrics in 2019

Top 10 Facts About Biometrics In 2021

Biometrics identification is the technology that recognizes and authenticates individuals based on physical characteristics.

A biometric identification system includes fingerprint identification, face identification, iris and retina, gait or voice.

Benefits of technology

  • It’s faster and more convenient for the user
  • Strong authentications since biological characteristics are distinct
  • Eliminates friction associated with traditional security measures
  • Biometrics servers usually require less database memory

Biometric market:

It improves the technology is drop as the latest generation of defense for law enforcement versus the hackers

The biometric market is accepted the worth $32.7 billion by 2022 consumer acceptance is supporting growth. According to the poll by Veridium 52% of customers want biometric security to replace passwords 80% of customer’s trust in password security. And 40% are already used the fingerprint technology.

Biometric Facts to know in 2021

Top 10 Facts About Biometrics In 2020

1 – Biometric authentication technique is a good reputation

The whole world, people are more trust in biometric authentication technologies. 74% of peoples give a very positive response. Biometric authentication is useful technology it reduces the number of passwords, avoids the fraud. And it is very easy to use it needs to hit in your biometric data.

2 – The world is ready

As per the analysis of the whole world 90% peoples are ready to use biometric technology. Its follow the process 61% of customers using biometrics to unlock their phones and online transaction are store with their biometrics.

3 – The tech/non-human aspect of biometrics is not a turn-off

The amazing feature of biometric technology has accepted the lack of people, were to identify the theft, criminals and privacy reviews to the growth of some concerns to the people survey

4 – Biometric technology is already mainstream

As per the researcher, 78% of customers are already using the biometric authentication.63% people only use fingerprint verification and only 22% of customers are never tried to biometric authentication before.

5 – Fingerprint verification wins a popularity contest

More perfect and easy to use a biometric is by far the fingerprint. Second place for security and accuracy is iris recognition and face recognition wins the fingerprint as very simple.

6 – Brazil and U.A.E. are the most enthusiastic countries

Brazil country gives very positive feedback about biometric the latest survey shows the 89% of Brazilians have used the biometrics technique. An important factor is fingerprints registration is very required to vote in the national election.

The U.A.E also has scientists understand the biometrics technology.81% admire of the innovation and the fun aspect. They are not fearful of fraud or data or identity theft.

7 – The French are still sensitive about biometric identity

Regarding biometric surveys in the French, people give a very successful approach toward the biometric technique.61% the person has positive about biometric where the universal average is 74 %. Some of the people support mobile wallet in the French countryside.

8 – Biometric is big in Banking

Bank and financial transactions are very Confendentional things for most of the security purposes they use the biometric technique. With the help of a biometric bank, the holder can easily do the banking work.

82% of people want to replace the PIN or banking password with their fingerprint. As per the difference, it’s want to keep its backup options

9 – People wants to keep a close eye on their biometric

Regarding payment cards with biometric technology. As per the banker survey, 42% of bank holders can choose the Enroll their biometric data with the help of banking applications and 67% bank employee can also use it. For a security purpose for guns also use a Biometric gun safe system or Fingerprint gun safe system.

The Large amount holder can use their cards with biometric data, 40% & 11%Bank holder wants to quickly store the data on the cloud

10 – Biometric mobile wallets are not yet trending worldwide

Currently, most of the people can use the smartphone. It is a very useful system .lot of people used it for transition purpose.43% peoples are using biometric data to pay with mobile phones.

Compare the huge regional which divides with India prime as 86% and France as 11%.