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Why You Should Have a Gun Safe for Your Car?

Carrying an open gun is usually not a good idea. It is against TSA regulations whereas securing a gun in a safe while traveling is considered legal. While most people prefer keeping their guns under the seats or in the dashboard, this is always the first place where anyone who breaks inside your car will check. This makes it very easy for them to steal or use your firearm. Having a gun safe inside the car will keep it secure. Most gun safes can be installed on the side of the door or in between the front two seats. This makes accessing your gun very easy when you need it.

why should you keep gun safes in your car ?

Another safety feature of gun safes in cars comes to light during accidents. When traveling on the road there is always a chance of getting into an accident. If you get unconscious and are carried away while your car is still on the road, there is a good chance someone might get their hands on your gun. Having the firearm inside a gun safe will keep it secure from any damage or theft during and after an accident.

Important Must Have Features

When buying a gun safe for your car, make sure that it is built with steel sheets. Safes made from any other material are easier to break into or vulnerable to damage during a hit. There are many different types of locking systems now available in gun safes. The most commonly used ones are electronic keypads and biometric safety systems.

The electronic keypad system offers a secure locking mechanism with a pass code that only you and anyone you trust will know. If there are wrong entries by an unauthorized person it will lock down and will not open unless manually opened with a key. The key comes with the safe when bought and should be kept safe in case you forget the pass code or if the safe goes under lockdown.

The biometric safety system is the latest in safe technology. It stores the fingerprints of its owner and will not open otherwise. This is faster and quieter as you only have to slip your fingers on to the system where it will stealthily unlock, giving you access to your firearm.


Another important feature to have is fireproofing. You never know when something unfortunate happens and your car catches fire. A gun safe will keep your firearm and any other valuables safe from the fire. You can keep your ID, watch or any small jewelry inside for safekeeping.

Always make sure that you buy a gun safe for your car from a reputable and established manufacturer. They should offer good customer service. If it seems expensive to buy a safe then keep in mind the peace that will come knowing that you have taken the right step in ensuring the safety of your equipment, personal self and family.